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Seven Psychics Shifter Suad #1 [PDF / Epub] ☉ Seven Psychics Shifter Suad #1 By J.C. Diem – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Alexis Levine has just graduated from high school and intends to join the Army as soon as she turns eighteen Her dream is to become a sniper just like her often absent father During routine weapons pr Alexis Levine has just graduated Shifter Suad Kindle Ô from high school and intends to Seven Psychics MOBI :Ê join the Army as soon as she turns eighteen Her dream is Psychics Shifter Suad ePUB ↠ to become a sniper just like her often absent father During routine weapons practice she meets Mark Steel the head of a small team of agents who work for a mysterious organization He needs someone with outstanding skills to help his suad destroy seven psychotic psychics With her father overseas on a mission she is the next best choice Still reeling from the knowledge that psychics actually exist Lexi agrees to become a temporary member of their team From the first moment that she meets Reece Garrett she is instantly drawn to him He is strong sexy and charismatic and unfortunately thinks of her as little than a child Agent Garrett and his team have a secret that few people are aware of They are shape shifters who transform into ravenous beasts with every full moon The upside of being shifters is that they possess a natural resistance to mind control which makes them the perfect team to hunt the psychics But Reece soon learns that some instincts are impossible for even him to deny Caught in a mind trap that he can't escape from he finds himself irresistibly attracted to the one person that he'd do anything to protect.

10 thoughts on “Seven Psychics Shifter Suad #1

  1. Annika Annika says:

    DNF 30%This started out so promising Lexi seemed to be a bad ass heroine being a sniper pro that has grown up among soldiers Then she's whisked away by some supernatural agency and meets her new team including grumpy Reece Garrett and this is what happens I was surprised to be accepted so readily by most of the suad when I usually had so much trouble fitting in anywhere Only one member of the team clearly didn't want me there and Agent Garrett was making no secret of his displeasure at my presenceHe didn't even know me but it was painfully obvious that he already didn't like me I wished I could say the same about him but it would have been a lie For the first time in almost eighteen years I found myself physically attracted to a man It was a pity he didn't return my interest in the slightestHow could anyone so hot also be so menacing? But despite his hostile attitude towards her Lexi can't stop lusting after the guy because you know he's soooo hawt and muscly and dreamyGah No How about some self respect girl?

  2. Leah Leah says:

    My main emotion concerning this novel is DISAPPOINTMENT it was a DNF so first impressions i guessI read the sample and thought the MC was a strong independent woman and didn't need a man NO JOKEI loved that she was an expert sniper and her skills were sought out by the elite TAK suad and didn't spend much time talking about dating makeup or etc except it was just to set ground that she doesn't think about it The author went out of her way to make her MC the badass character who doesn't automatically see guys as dating materialexcept she does when she meets whatshisface from the suad The MC that was trying to be uniue went full cliche and starts falling all over herself for this guyIt was lust at first sight of course which includes abs biceps douchey fohawks and not realizing the man really DOES NOT want you there but that just adds to the romance right? gives the so not totally cliche I totally don't want you here hate into I can't live without you kinda love And then she constantly makes an idiot out of herself ever since Are you so seriously lusting after this guy that you spread your peanut butter on the counter and not the bread??? WTFOK I get the idea of going totally brain dead at the sight of seeing a hot guy right out of the shower but since the MC is supposed to be this badass she has a bunch of instances of hiding her emotions and seem like the perfect soldier like being cool over seeing a dead body for the first time but freaks the fck out at the first sight of aaaaaaaabbbbbbbssssssss falls to floor brain leaks out of ear

  3. S.J. Abbo S.J. Abbo says:

    35 stars and I will definitly read the next book in this series It could be even stars if somebody just smack H and h heads together and force them to talk to each other

  4. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    This is an OK read it started out really well but it dragged towards the end and I feel as though the story got a little lost in the minute The main character is Alex a high school graduate who joins a suad that hunts real bad guys There are seven psychic killers on the loose and ruining people's lives and Alex and the rest of the team have to catch them to save lives Alex actually starts off really well but she gets sucked into a romance story that detracts from the story There are a lot of secondary characters and I didn't actually find any of them all that interesting The storyline was a bit lost in the romance that I didn't think added anything to the book The pacing was actually the biggest let down this book started out really well but it dragged towards the middle then just completely dropped off3 stars not the best

  5. Sandra Sandra says:

    Better then expected Well first off this book was free And like my title says better than I thought it would be I had low expectations and was spoiled for the big secret But it was still pretty enjoyable Lexi was a different narrator and seemed so much younger then the rest of the team The bad guys they where chasing seemed pretty easy to stop I mean for all the talk about it it was pretty uick I wish the story had different points of view maybe that would have added to the story But all in all a nice uick read

  6. Just Josie Just Josie says:

    Action packed and a nice start to a sweet paranormal YA series It took me a little while to connect with Lexi but now I simply can't wait to know The story really captured my attention

  7. Meels Meels says:

    Loved it Absolutely will read onIt’s fluffy fun brain candy with endearing characters and an interesting take on the Shifter deal Good times

  8. MJ MJ says:

    Have to admit the only reasons I read this one was a it had a ridiculous title b ridiculous concept c it was free Now I'm onto book 4 in 3 days SURPRISE Well yes I was It's not a complete well rounded world but there aren't really any gapping holes The characters are good and the stories and threads keep it interesting The series is now a fav and regularly reread ; 1018 0619 0720

  9. Jen Jen says:

    Thank you lord baby Jesus in the manger A kick ass leading lady that doesn't cower behind every corner Throw in a couple guns some smoky hot steam and you got yourself one hell of a story

  10. Kitlina Kitlina says:

    I am on the fence with this bookI didn't love it but I didn't hate it either Lexi seems to be a nice character I don't like the male lead at all Reece has had no interaction with Lexi from his own volition and I can't feel any chemistry between the twoI don't exactly feel like continuing with the series since this is kind of make or brake for me I need a strong emotional connection to develop between the main characters for it to workI felt from Flynn and Kala then Reece He was cold and distanced not even a little bit interested And he said a handful of words the entire bookI'll have to sit on it for a while to see if I'll give book 2 a try

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