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    I think this was the worst of the series to be honest It was a really slow and meandering read, mostly focused of the family of Caleb, rather than on Rahab It stays mostly true to scripture including many facts from the book of Joshua I found it disappointing all in all, there is little growth...

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    I have truly loved this series I loved following the story from the Bible Favorite Passage She could see it all now with perfect clarity, green grass so fresh it almost hurt her eyes, the sparkling waters of a stream cur...

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    This story brought the children of Isreal to the promise land A good reminder that God loves all people.This story was fiction but with a truthful theme Rachel is not known except she saved the two spies The red cord is well known but few remember that Rachel is named in the line o...

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    All I hoped it would beEven though I have studied the Bible for 40 years, and know about the Lord leading Israel into the Promised Land reading this book helped me to again marvel at all that our God is I can t do anything but praise Him

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    I was terribly disappointed, mainly because the author a pastor would stray so far away from Biblical truth Rahab did not marry Ardon son of Caleb, she married Salmon Gilbert Morris had her and Ardon marry in the end of the book I am so very disappointed in him as an author.

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    I really enjoyed this book I never thought much about Rahab in the Bible It was interesting to read this story of who she might have been She came alive for me Can t wait to read the rest of the series.

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    Still good

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Daughter of Deliverance (Lions of Judah #6) THE PROMISED LAND BELONGS TO THEM BUT FIRST THEY MUST CONQUER ITWhen Israel S Unvanquished Army Crosses The Jordan, Two Spies, Including Caleb S Son Ardon, Come To Scout Out Jericho S Fortifications There They Encounter Rahab, A Young Woman Forced Into Prostitution When Her Father S Creditors Threaten To Sell Her Family Into Slavery At Great Risk To Herself, Rahab Saves The Men From Capture, And Ardon Promises To Rescue Her When His Army Destroys The City.Rahab Turns To The God Of Israel And Grows In Faith, But Ardon S Pride Will Not Allow Him To Forget Her Past Yet Despite Himself, He Is Attracted To Her As The Battle For A New Homeland Escalates, Will Ardon And Rahab Learn To Fully Trust In God S Ways