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10 thoughts on “The Genius Dialogues

  1. Graeme Newell Graeme Newell says:

    This book told the stories of recipients of the MacArthur Genius Grant These are some of the top scientist and artists in the world and I was hoping they would dive deep into their work Instead the book focused primarily on the award winner’s personal stories following many of them from childhoodI found this book was just a bit too superficial for me I wish they had focused on their work not their back story

  2. Eva Salačová Eva Salačová says:

    Incredily insightful

  3. Jacques Bezuidenhout Jacques Bezuidenhout says:

    This was a series of podcasts stringed together It worked really wellIt contains uite a vast set of subject matters that earned these people Genius awardsSome subjects are extremely interesting others not so much Most of the people getting interviewed are simply pursuing their passion and doing amazing things in the processNice filler to take a uick break between books

  4. E. E. says:

    Audio So interesting and entertaining Even the interviews of folks I didn't think I would connect with were fascinating The discussion about and samples of the first sound and voice recordings were so damn interesting And to hear Alexander Graham Bell stop in the middle of recording Mary Had A Little Lamb and say well fuck was surprising I had heard that recording before but seems the history books left that part out Need to kill a few hours or even an hour at a time? You cannot go wrong with this

  5. Xavier Jenkins Xavier Jenkins says:

    Thoroughly entertaining while also educating me on a variety of subjects AND the way the genius mind works Every podcast was endlessly interesting I could listen to this again And I will

  6. Pamela Scott Pamela Scott says:

    really enjoyed these podcasts They offered insight into something I’d never heard of before I’d no idea The MacArthur Foundation and their Genius Grant existed What I liked is that the people awarded the grant’s come from both genders different social classes and from sometimes vastly different areas of expertise across science education and the arts This meant every episode was different and sometimes unexpected

  7. Judy Judy says:

    I loved these human interest stories of some of the best minds on the planet These were uick stories you could listen to in a half hour Variety of topics about the MacArthur Genius Grant winners I loved Bob Garfield's interview style

  8. Debbie Page Debbie Page says:

    Fascinating and funny conversations with some people doing amazing things Loved hearing their passion and learning their uirks and was reminded about the importance of asking uestions

  9. Niki Niki says:

    Pretty good Interesting interview subjects

  10. Željko Filipin Željko Filipin says:

    Interviews with winners of MacArthur Fellows Program award Scientists artists reporters

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