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    A million stars if I could Who knew that you could ever laugh at a history book, especially one about notable Australians But I did, in public no less I probably sounded mad on the bus, but whatever.Basically this is set up as profiles on famous Australians, but as the author freely admits, he doesn t always fact check That makes for some hilarious dialogue by the author, as he races off in totally unexpected directions and comparisons The closest I ve ever seen to this was a bloke I knew in High School, who forgot to study Nelson Mandela and instead wrote his essay by starting with two sentences about him, and digressing into Another cool person I know about was Vlad the Impaler. and proceeded a two page essay about him As a class, we had the delight of listening to this read aloud, as an example of what not to do in your own essays This book was a far informative read.You will either get this author s sense of humor, or you won t and remain forever slightly offe...

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    Outstanding, quite funny, love the comedic style, sorry I can t help with the whereabouts of Malcolm Turnbull

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    Absolutely hysterical and only slightly true.

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    Haiku Review Turns out we were taughtOnly half of the story.Now the truth comes out.

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    If you ve never read a Ben Pobje novel NOW IS YOUR TIME This is the second book of his I have read, and both are laugh out loud, strange looks on the bus, can t stop talking about it to your significant other FUNNY.I was amazed and delighted by the wit and effortless writing style in this book, and actually found myself very well educated on a number of important historical figures by the time I had finished I feel this should be requir...

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    A very fun and educational book that left me feeling very proud to be able to call myself Australian , though a little bewildered as to why I felt that way because I had very little to do with the achievements of the Australians written about in the book and some of them were ac...

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AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE Ebook AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE Author Ben Pobjie Xxlhuge.eu If You Think You Know All About Australia S Heroes And Villains , Think Again In Aussie Aussie Aussie, Ben Pobjie Burrows Beneath The Mythology To Provide An Intimate Look At The Australians Who Helped Make Our Nation Great As Well As The Ones Who Stopped Us From Being As Great As We Could Have Been But Who Have Ended Up With Their Own Wikipedia Pages Anyway.Meet Pioneers Such As Charles Kingsford Smith, Whose Groundbreaking Efforts Moved The Country Forward Artists And Entertainers Such As Joan Sutherland, Who Shaped Our National Cultural Identity Captains Of Industry Such As Rupert Murdoch, Who Inspired Australia S Love Affair With People Who Amass Phenomenal Quantities Of Personal Wealth And Humanitarians Such As Mary MacKillop, Who Found Fame By Dedicating Their Lives To Others And Guilt Tripping The Rest Of Us.Aussie Aussie Aussie Is The Book For Any Proud Australian Seeking To Learn About The National Heroes That Make Our Own Pathetic Lives Seem So Insignificant.