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Lunatic (The Ragnarok Legacy Book 1) When Destiny Comes Knocking, Don T Answer The DoorSmall Town Girl Kacea Is Bored With Her Quiet Life In Elm Valley, New York She Has Good Grades, A Few Close Friends, And Her Eyes On Long Time Crush Jynxx Davison Unbeknownst To Them Both, Kacea Has A Dark Future Entrenched In Magick, Creatures Meant To Dwell Only In Nightmares, And Ragnarok The Apocalypse From Norse Folklore Every Myth Contains An Element Of Truth, And As The Horrible Reality Of The Tales Comes To Life Before Their Very Eyes, Jynxx S Own Unnatural Calling Is Brought To Light Through Her Awakening As Their Relationship Begins To Bloom, A Thundercloud Of Tragedy Looms Overhead, Threatening Everyone Kacea Holds Dear To Protect Those She Loves From Eldritch Beings With Godlike Powers, This Nerdy Girl Must Choose Watch The World Be Torched And Reborn In The Arms Of The Man She Loves, Or Leave Everything She S Ever Known Behind And Trust A Vampire Previously Published As Lunacy

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