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  1. Robert Robert says:

    You can find my review of Nondula on my book blog Bastian's Book Reviews

  2. N.A. Granger N.A. Granger says:

    Nondula is a YA book the second in the Waifs of Duldred series by Ana Salote I reviewed Oy Yew the first in the series and was totally enchanted with the story Nondula follows the adventures of the children who at the end of Oy Yew have escaped on a raft from their slavery in Duldred Oy Alas Gritty Gertie and LinnetNondula opens with the children awaking in a haystack in the country of that name having been picked up and blown there by a tornado The children view this peaceful land and its gentle inhabitants as a land of milk and honey but they soon learn that Nondula’s neighbors the cruel and primitive Felluns are in the process of destroying it in the search for a healer who can treat their ueen FellonaEach child is assigned a duty Gerties and Gritty become assistants to the librarian in the Sajistry a large underground complex; Linnet who is pale and colorless is assigned to the weaving barn to make dyes for their yarns; Alas is to be a jack of all trades and Oy is left to find his way Eventually he becomes an apprentice healerLinnet Oy’s closet friend falls deathly ill and Oy works feverishly to find something to restore her color trying to find a source of the correct yellow color that will make her well When all the healers of Nondula have been captured by the Felluns the half trained Oy is the only one left Oy decides to go to their land to look for the yellow herb but is captured and thrown into the pits where the animals are kept – the animals being the only source of Fellun food He is trapped there cleaning out the pits Gertie goes after him joining a dancing company in the hopes of finding himMore than this I don’t want to say; I’d hate to give the story completely awayThere are many magical things in Nondula – how could there not be since the author’s imagination is complex colorful and enthralling? She is talented at creating new names from words that we recognize Sajistry – Sacristy; husbeaus husbinds and husbeens for future currents and past husbands for example Those made me smile Her five waifs are fully developed into complex individuals in this book and she limns the other characters so well as to develop the reader’s emotional attachmentor revulsionSalote has an extraordinary and wondrous voice painting color and wonders and worlds in lyrical and compelling words Like the last one Nondula is a children’s classic for adults too It tickles the brain as a fairy tale and an adventure story with ogres The Felluns are definitely its dark side but the adventure of it all keeps you reading Like Oy Yew I will probably read it againBecause this book focused on the five children rather than primarily on Oy Yew as the first one did I found it very very slightly less enjoyable On the other hand having the development of all of them will expand the possibilities for the third book which I anxiously await I recommend this book highly for anyone from 10 to 100 It takes you on a journey to a wondrous place

  3. Lynden Wade Lynden Wade says:

    Nondula picks up the story of the waifs of Duldred started in Oy Yew The children who have escaped from the dreaded halls of Jeopardine are literally thrown by a storm into a haystack in Nondula a land very different from Affland where they have travelled from The people of Nondula are gentle and welcoming encouraging the children to rest recover and find their jenies – their inner strengths and gifts Gertie delights in the library she starts to work in Linnet finds an affinity with weaving Oy explores the art of healing But before long trouble returns Linnet gets weaker and the Felluns a thuggish race that threatens the Nonduls and their children swoop in and take away Clair Nondula’s healer in their ongoing hunt for a remedy for their sick ueen Oy decides he will give himself up to the Felluns as the last healer in the hope he can save Nondula from an invasion but finds himself captured and locked in the foul underground cages of the Felluns’ animalsIn Oy Yew we met all the waifs and got to know a few of them well Here the group is pared down to a small number and as they learn about their strengths we get to know them better Alas turns his frustration at the Nonduls’ ineffective defence system into activity and learns he has a skill for deflecting attackers Gertie joins the library and throws herself into cataloguing the untidy collection The character who takes the limelight though is Gritty who comes into her own here She pulls away from her beloved sister who wants to keep her safe and infiltrates a troupe of dancers to search out OyI often find I lose interest in a series Maybe the overall arc makes too little progress or the arc of the individual book doesn’t grab me enough Once a book seemed to wrap up the story well then set the uester make another journey that was the reverse of the one he had just done making the whole story so far invalid Ana Salote however has avoided each of those pitfalls The overall arc is the uieter one – who exactly is Oy? Where did he come from? All he remembers is living on the streets from a very young age The arc of Nondula is the urgent one – will Oy be able to save Nondula and his friend Linnet? And will Gertie and Alas be able to save Oy? I kept reading Nondula partly to find out the answers to these last two uestions but one reason I’m looking forward to the final instalment is to find out who Oy is The other reason to keep reading both book and series is to continue to savour the world Salote builds up subtly as she introduces new countries and races over the course of the series In Nondula we meet the gentle but rather ineffectual Nonduls the chattering Chee the irredeemably disgusting Felluns and the misunderstood Dresh Who knows what we will encounter in Nigma the final instalment?

  4. Johanne Johanne says:

    You know that sinking feeling when you open up the seuel to a much loved book? The worry that it won't be as good and will spoil your memories of the first? Fear not Nondula is as magical as Oy Yew and will transport you back into the wonderful world of Oy and his friendsThe waifs have escaped from Duldred and appear to have found a wonderful home But all is not as it seems and soon they are battling once again to find peace and happiness Linnet is fading away and Oy must find a way to save her He ends up captured by the Felluns and must try to escape; Gritty heads off to rescue him and discovers her own talents; Alas refuses to conform and faces his own battles; Gertie finds her place in the world and a new friendThe writing is wonderful and a world is conjured up that is both inviting and scary Ana Salote has a real talent for world building and you can taste touch and smell everything so vividly smell is particularly important in Nondula The characters again shine out from the page and take the reader on a journey through a magical world which involves friendship courage and self knowledge I can hardly wait for the final part of the trilogy even though I will be really sad to say goodbye to these wonderful characters

  5. Sarah Hindmarsh Sarah Hindmarsh says:

    Absolutely loved this book Oy Yew was a fabulous debut Nondula is a masterpiece Salote effortlessly pulls the reader into the world of the waifs and sweeps you along with them on their adventures The characters are enchanting and the prose is almost lyrical in uality When the waifs arrive in Nondula they get their first taste of freedom and their first experience of full bellies and kind words Of course there's no way this can last or there wouldn't be a story The subseuent adventures are perfectly paced and utterly spellbinding I read this in a day and can't wait for the next instalment

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Nondula (Waifs of Duldred #2) [BOOKS] ✯ Nondula (Waifs of Duldred #2) ✴ Ana Salote – Oy and his friends cannot believe their luck when their escape from Duldred leads them to Nondula a land of sweet air and gentle people All seems well till Oy's dear friend Linnet falls seriously ill Oy and his friends cannot believe their luck when their escape from Duldred leads them to Nondula a land of sweet air and gentle people All seems well till Oy's dear friend Linnet falls seriously ill With his newly found healing skills Oy works desperately to save her But when Nondula's cruel neighbours the Felluns come to visit Oy discovers that a healer is a very dangerous thing to be Soon both Linnet's life and the future of Nondula come to rest on his small shoulders.

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  • Nondula (Waifs of Duldred #2)
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  • 12 August 2016