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The Darcy Monologues [PDF / Epub] ☉ The Darcy Monologues ❤ Christina Boyd – You must allow me to tell you For over two hundred years Jane Austen's Mr Darcy has captivated readers' imaginations as the ultimate catch Rich Powerful Noble Handsome And yet as Miss Austen's Pride a You must allow me to tell you For over two hundred years Jane Austen's Mr Darcy has captivated readers' imaginations as the ultimate catch Rich Powerful Noble Handsome And yet as Miss Austen's Pride and Prejudice is established through Elizabeth Bennet's fine eyes how are we to know his mind The Darcy Epub / How does Darcy progress from She is tolerable but not handsome enough to tempt me to I thought only of youIn this romance anthology fifteen Austenesue authors assemble to sketch Darcy's character through a series of re imaginings set in the Regency through contemporary times from faithful narratives to the fanciful Herein The Darcy Monologues the man himself reveals his intimate thoughts his passionate dreams and his journey to love all told with a previously concealed wit and enduring charm It is your turn to say something now Mr Darcy.

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Christina Boyd wears many hats as she is a great reader an editor at The uill Ink a dedicated reviewer and a ceramicist A life member of Jane Austen Society of North America Christina lives in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest with her dear Mr B two busy teenagers The Darcy Epub / and a retriever named BiBi Visiting Jane Austen's England was made possible by actor Henry Cavill when she won the Omaze exp.

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    SALE 099 May 17th to 19th 2018 starsAuthor Spotlight on Ruth Phillips Oakland Review and Giveaway at Of Pens and Pagesimage error

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    Overall Rating 45 starsStory 45 starsPerformance 45 starsSTORY OVERVIEW AND REVIEW The Darcy Monologues is a collection of short stories told by a group of amazing JAFF authors all starring our beloved Mr Darcy There was a fantastic selection of stories the book divided into two eras—Regency and Other I've mentioned this in my in depth review of the book each author perfectly highlighted the Mr Darcy every romance fan grew to love—a gentleman a dedicated brother a good friend and a devoted lover A good and honest manI enjoyed reading this book but enjoyed it even when I finally listened to itWHAT DID YOU LIKE ABOUT THE AUDIOBOOK?Reading The Darcy Monologues was heartwarming but listening to it was a whole new experience It felt intimate tangible if that makes sense Like a real person was telling me a real story of his life Harry Frost was a fantastic Darcy and he was eually fantastic in portraying different characters particularly Mr Collins The change in accents from Regency era to other era stories set in the USA was surprising but not unwanted I don't know which I prefer to be honest And I don't know if it was just me but his American accent sounded a lot like Henry Cavill's I can only tell you I giggled so much when I heard it While Harry Frost did a wonderful job narrating all of the novellas in this anthology the novella I enjoyed listening to the most was From the Ashes by J Marie Croft It was so amusing to hear a slightly intoxicated Mr Darcy write a draft of his letter to Elizabeth the night after the Hunsford proposal A close second was You Don't Know Me by Beau North because like I've mentioned about the accent reminded me of Mr Cavill's American accent Hehe Obviously I'm a fanWOULD YOU RECOMMEND THIS AUDIOBOOK TO A FRIEND? IF SO WHY?I think lovers of Mr Darcy will enjoy this audiobook as much as I did Since he's fictional this is the closest I can get to have him whispering in my ear sweet nothings and thoughts I imagined Mr Darcy would say It's a treat Audiobook received in exchange for an honest review Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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    This review was first published on Babblings of a Bookworm as part of the blog tour 'Pride Prejudice' is very much a book written from Elizabeth’s perspective We get the occasional glimpse into Darcy’s thoughts and feelings but it’s Lizzy that we journey along with In ‘The Darcy Monologues’ edited by Christina Boyd 15 authors take on the task of giving us things from Darcy’s point of view in an anthology of short stories Some of the stories pick up directly inafter ‘Pride Prejudice’ while others transport us to another place and time Here’s a uick rundown of the stories‘Death of a Batchelor’ by Caitlin Williams opens the book Be not afraid angst weenies at the title of this story nothing bad happens This story takes a look at the type of thoughts that Darcy may have been having as his marriage with Elizabeth Bennet approaches Considering the grave doubts he first had and the struggle he put himself through before proposing to her initially it wouldn’t be unreasonable to suspect that Darcy would have some worries and lingering doubts while doing his best to endure the company of his future mother law and doing the social rounds in the wilds of Hertfordshire I thought this was a plausible look into what struggles Darcy might have had and I didn’t like him any the less for the idea that he might still have some doubts intermingled with passionate regard and incredulity at his good fortune in securing the affections of the woman who he at one time despaired of This was such a fantastic story to start off the anthology with; just so passionate and romanticThe first story was a tough act to follow but I also loved ‘From the Ashes' by J Marie Croft I’ve read this author’s work previously and I know how fond she is of wordplay and puns and there was plenty of this in this story This short story starts many years after the events of PP with Mr Darcy reminiscing He thinks back to the time directly after the Hunsford proposal and scornful refusal Darcy had decided that he needed to put his side of the story across to Miss Bennet and the letter he writes her is the precursor to the edited version that we have read in ‘Pride Prejudice’ It is frank and frankly hilarious Ms Croft’s take on Darcy has uite the sense of humour and speaks so little because he thinks a lot of things that are not prudent to be put into words It was a change of pace and style which I really enjoyedI had high hopes that I would enjoy ‘If Only a Dream’ by Joana Starnes and as ever with this author I was not disappointed I was initially a little discombobulated as this story picks up at just about the same point as the previous story although this is a variation story rather than an alternate point of view Darcy is reeling after having his proposal so rudely dismissed and having delivered his letter to Miss Bennet he wants nothing than to leave Kent as soon as possible However Lady Catherine tries her hand at a little manipulation and betrayed by an over polished banister and a tumble down stairs Darcy finds himself unwillingly tied to Kent for a while longer He wants nothing than to avoid Elizabeth and she having read his letter has realised how mistaken she has been on a number of points I think most of us enjoy seeing poor Mr Darcy being made vulnerable and few do it so well as Joana Starnes This was a wonderful story‘Clandestiny’ by Karalynne Mackrory was a very fun read picking up at the Netherfield Ball with Darcy fighting against his attraction to the unsuitable Miss Bennet and she fighting with the moldings find themselves unexpectedly having an encounter which brings them to know each other better Again this was very romantic which I loveBearing in mind recent film releases ‘The Beast of Pemberley’ by Melanie Stanford takes us on a timely journey into a fantasy land Here the Wizard Wickham has cursed the inhabitants of Pemberley Lumiere Cogsworth et al but the worst affected of them all is Mr Darcy Knowing that his disfigurement makes him an object of ridicule and pity the proud Darcy keeps to Pemberley but he keeps an eye on the local town with the help of his magical mirror which is how he comes to know and love Elizabeth She agrees to marry him to pay off her family’s debts but there is no way she could come to love such a beast is there?We move next to the meeting at Pemberley Mr Darcy described himself as ‘A Resentful Man’ at Netherfield but when Elizabeth visits Pemberley and meets with him again she doesn’t find him to be so Lory Lilian is known as the ‘ueen of Hot Mush’ and this is a wonderful example of it So romantic Be still my beating heart‘In Terms of Perfect Composure’ by Susan Adriani is another excellent story full of romantic yearning Here we have Darcy getting some encouragement from the Gardiners to renew his suit and ending up back in Hertfordshire just in time to catch the end of Lady Catherine’s visit to Elizabeth Dare he try to talk to her again when she seems so bent on avoiding him?‘Without Affection’ by Jan Hahn is the last of the Regency stories and explores a real danger in those times – the danger of dying in childbirth and how the fear of this could affect a relationship It’s the type of story that will make you want to give Darcy a shake for how he must be making Elizabeth feel with his selfish behaviour but at the same time you have some sympathy for his fears Rest assured the desire to slap him will pass‘Hot for Teacher’ by Sara Angelini sees Mr Darcy as the principal of a school Ms Bennet as the art teacher he thinks slightingly of and George Wickham as his nemesis slash literature teacher slash resentful half brother The Darcy in this story was both obtuse and endearing and I enjoyed spending time in his head“You Don’t Know Me” by Beau North takes us to the early 1960s in the USA I was a little surprised by this but I shouldn’t have been as one of Ms North’s previous works took us to the post WW2 period One thing I enjoy about such time travel is the chance to pick up some of the flavour of the era the space race and disc jockeys trying to push the boundaries of playing ‘black music’‘Reason to Hope’ by Jenetta James takes us back a little further to WW2 and to England Again this was a good chance to pick up some of the flavour of the era Elizabeth in this has a bit of a chip on her shoulder which can be hard to resolve in time to make us warm to a character in a short story but I thought Ms James did an excellent jobWe then take another jump in time and place and find ourselves in the old West and straight into an old fashioned ambush kidnapping disguises brothels and attempted rescue ‘Pemberley by Stage’ by Natalie Richards was a very exciting read There is both pride and prejudice in this tale though not the sort we are used to‘Darcy Strikes Out’ by Sophia Rose moves us to modern day baseball in the US This is something I know zero about As is stated in the story Baseball is generally not a thing loved in the UK however though I had very little idea of what was going on at the beginning of the story which starts at a ball game I stuck with it and soon found myself in an understandable situation I thought this story neatly touched on many of the key points of PP‘The Ride Home’ by Ruth Phillips Oakland was my favourite of the ‘other era’ reads It was just adorable Darcy is woken by a drunken Bingley in the middle of the night to drive to pick up Elizabeth who has had a bad date with a Mr Collins Darcy is reluctant to do so having been turned down without ceremony by her very recently but being a true gentleman he does so We meet a drunken Elizabeth having turned to martinis as a crutch to see her through her date and it turns out that not only is a drunken Elizabeth an affectionate Elizabeth but she is also an Elizabeth who is very forthcoming with her views and her secret fears of coming to love somebody who being rich may well leave her for supermodel Heidi Klum Elizabeth is very sweet and funny in this story and Mr Darcy unfailingly gentlemanly‘I Darcy’ by Karen M Cox pokes a little fun at our Mr Darcy William Darcy has been named after Fitzwilliam Darcy from the novel ‘Pride Prejudice’ He is sick of comparisons and sick of seeing Mr Darcy being held up as the perfect man As time goes on and as he gets off on the wrong foot with Lynley he starts to consider and refine his views and so does she As Lynley says Mr Darcy isn’t perfect – just forgiven This story which takes a look at the character of Darcy and of the lessons of PP was a wonderful way to end the anthologyThis anthology was an excellent collection of stories You’d definitely need to have read ‘Pride Prejudice’ at least once to understand some of the stories particularly some of the Regency set ones as they assume knowledge of what is going on There are some instances of bad language but not much and a little sex but nothing at all graphic On the whole I probably enjoyed the Regency stories a little as there was just so much romance and yearning sigh I thought the standard of the stories was very high four and five star stories definitely So on balance it gets a 4½ star rating from me and I’d recommend itI’d like to thank Christina Boyd and Claudine from Just Jane 1813 for letting me take part in this blog tour and providing me with a review copy for my honest review

  4. Sheila Majczan Sheila Majczan says:

    With 15 beloved and favorite authors and a lovely dedication written by the editor Christina Boyd I am almost intimidated that I will not express my appreciation and enjoyment of this book adeuately I was given an ARC of this book to read in exchange for an honest review It is one I had most definitely planned to buy even if I did not receive this ARC We first have a selection of stories set in Regency times; several having to do with the Hunsford Proposal and one as Darcy faces his wedding day and the situation faced while traveling to spend that night at Pemberley As my husband and I are approaching 50 years of marriage in 2018 the tale Darcy relates after his and Elizabeth's 50 years of togetherness was poignant We listen as he looks back and shares his fears and the reasons for his protective stance with Elizabeth Not a few tears were shedI absolutely loved looking over Darcy's shoulder as he writes and edits his letter Grinning and remembering the ink spots and smudges; were Bingley's skills as a letter writer rubbing off on him? And hey Anne deBourgh I love that pet name “Witsfailhim” Then there is the mash up of PP with Beauty the Beast my favorite fairy tale LOVED the incorporation of names given the servants And I am sure I don't have to give any hints as to the identity of the evil Wizard who cast the curse upon PemberleyIn other tales A secret rotating wall section discovered while at the Netherfield Ball may set up a comprising situation In addition a new telling of Darcy confronting his aunt and then at odds with Richardno it is not the same old same old We read of a conversation with Mr Gardner which gives Darcy hopebut why when he comes back to Hertfordshire does Elizabeth seem to disappear upon every attempt to talk to her?Then we are in Other Eras Darcy as principal describing the new art teacher as Brunhilda withlet's see Brillo pad hair and an oversized potholder sweatercringing here A story set in the 60's the new radio station acuired by Rosings Communications Catherine de Bourgh aunt boss to “the Darcy” sends him into exile for a year due to a faux pas with a major client’s wife at a Christmas party under the mistletoe The new radio station has a rising star Eliza Bennet who raises ratings but ruffles feathers with music choices This variation has some serious considerations as it is not just upper class vs middle class but a difference of religion among the issues 1943 On a base near Meryton Hertfordshire we meet among others Capt Darcy Suadron Leader Bingley Kitty and Lydia Potter the latter as evacuees in the Bennet household Our Darcy can dance I had to pull up the Benny Goodman song I want of this story The Blitz becomes up close and personal in Darcy's decision to help the Bennets1860 '61 Traveling west to San Francisco Outlaw Wickham his gang hold up the stagecoach so Darcy his sister and others are stranded until a skinny young man and his sister come across them as the siblings are searching for the same manwho abducted their sisterGHB the date rape drug is used in another story and a young girl is left crippled DandyDarcy's personal life is at odds with the world of journalism An earful from a bitter player and an overheard insult all crawling slimes no better than garbage pickers predisposes sports reporter Liz Bennet in her opinion about the man I was laughing while reading as Darcy is sent by Chuck Bingley who is celebrating his engagement to Jane to pick up a drunk Lizzy And with her hair let down she has no problem now coming on to Darcybut is he a gentle man or does he take this one chance to even get a kissshe had raked him over the coals previously?Finally a William Darcy who goes by Liam insults Jane Austen while sitting near ladies attending a JA conference Overheard a retort comes back from Lynley that Actually Jane Austen knew a lot about men Time passes and other meetings and confrontations bring the two into each other's presence again and again He finds that her business fits his Seasons restaurants' need for local produce perfectly but a charge of sexual harassment against one of his company's employees makes the deal seem impossible The discussions about Darcy’s character in the book give us a nice conclusion to these enthralling short storiesWell done Do yourself a big favor and make sure you read this book as it is released

  5. Brandi Elliott Brandi Elliott says:

    This is an amazing anthology I read it in 2 days because I refused to put it down Ahhh Mr Darcy I will not give any spoilers but I will tell you this shpuld definitely be on your tbr list It's a definite MUST READ

  6. Abigail Bok Abigail Bok says:

    Christina Boyd maven of The uill Ink has come up with a rich multi course feast for lovers of all things Austenesue The Darcy Monologues brings together fifteen of the hottest authors of Jane Austen fan fiction writing today The point of the collection is to take a gander at what Pride and Prejudice’s story might look like when seen from the hero Fitzwilliam Darcy’s point of view It is clearly pitched toward lovers of PP anyone who hasn’t read Jane Austen’s classic novel should be warned that in many cases if you lack the background of the original the situations and characters in these little nuggets of romantic goodness might be bewildering to you Those of you who have read PP dive on inThe book is divided roughly in half between stories set in Jane Austen’s lifetime and stories set in other eras About half of the period tales start at the point in the narrative when Elizabeth Bennet has rejected Darcy’s marriage proposal at Hunsford Parsonage So we get a series of variations on the angry resentful Darcy who slowly learns to appreciate Elizabeth’s criticisms of his character and manners before working toward reconciliation It’s a natural place to start a short story but I found myself taking pleasure in the ones that took their material a little farther afield I was charmed by Melanie Stanford’s “Beast of Pemberley” which weaves a mythic fairy tale out of the warp of PP and weft of “Beauty and the Beast” The opening story in the book Caitlin Williams’s “Death of a Bachelor” takes us on a slightly warm but not pornographic journey through the happy couple’s wedding night; it was vividly realized and cleverly conceived I also found Jan Hahn’s story “Without Affection” very touching; it focuses on the early years of the marriage but sees it through a frame set fifty years on And Karalynne Mackrory’s “Clandestiny” gives us a warmer hearted thoughtful Elizabeth and shows us how the same words when spoken in a different tone can be understood very differently I appreciated the deftness and the wisdom The stories set in other eras allow for greater reshuffling of plot and characters and personally I found unalloyed delight in these pages I am often a stickler for historical accuracy and word choice in period Austenesue fiction so I’m easier to please when we escape the Regency; plus I miss Austen’s sardonic narrative voice in most period tales Here we find the characters acting out their destinies in the 1860s 1940s 1960s and a variety of unspecified present days Darcy is a Boston Brahmin attorney headed for post Gold Rush San Francisco; a school principal; a pro baseball player; and most often a mogul with a successful family business Each incarnation allows us to see a different facet of his character as well as presenting us with a spectrum of Elizabeths—all alluring all capable but with a range of maturity levelsThere’s something here for every taste Ruth Phillips Oakland’s insanely inebriated Elizabeth in “The Ride Home” stepped a little outside the pale of Austen variation for me but I adored the resourceful courageous heroine of Natalie Richards’s “Pemberley by Stage” a true Western adventure yarn I also found myself attaching to the Darcy and Elizabeth of Karen M Cox’s “I Darcy”—they were both humble and willing to change and the story has a nifty meta touch with their respective interpretations of Pride and Prejudice being integral to their character development Cox’s tale seemed truest to the spirit of the original Farther removed from PP but especially delightful reading for me were “You Don’t Know Me” by Beau North and “Darcy Strikes Out” by Sophia Rose Beau North has long since earned my respect for her impeccable period re creations and deep characters; she doesn’t disappoint with her story of reconciliation across religious boundaries her mixture of darkness and light And Sophia Rose has a beautiful gift for creating natural feeling characters and tends to incorporate into her stories people with physical challenges in a way that is profoundly humane I love reading anything that comes from these two pens The Darcy Monologues will give any Austen lover hours of pleasure as they luxuriate in these inventive touching exciting glimpses into the world from Mr Darcy’s point of view I was given access to an advance electronic copy in exchange for an honest review

  7. Meredith (Austenesque Reviews) Meredith (Austenesque Reviews) says:

    His Feelings Will Not Be RepressedOVERVIEWFull of ardent admiration and love but not the talent of conversing easily Mr Darcy doesn’t always express himself well And even though he is haughty insulting and in need of a proper humbling Mr Darcy is one of the most iconic and beloved romantic heroes of all time In The Darcy Monologues an inspired collection of Austenesue authors have collaborated together to allow the brooding and reserved Mr Darcy to have his say United by their intimate knowledge and insightful understanding of Mr Darcy’s character these fifteen accomplished Austenesue authors have composed well crafted and inventive tales that take place in a variety of time periods and situationsMY READING EXPERIENCEThis anthology is divided into two sections “Regency” and “Other Eras” There are eight Regency stories and seven Other Eras stories and all range from 15 to 35 pages in length In the Regency section several stories can be categorized as variations and vignettes but there is also two that are like seuels and one that is a mash up with a fairytale And while most of the stories in the Other Eras section take place in modern day there are three that take place in different time periods – 1961 62 1943 and 1860Even though I was inclined to read these stories in a voracious and binge like manner I paced myself and only read a few stories in each sitting I did read all the stories in order but I’m thinking it might be fun to mix it up next time and alternate between Regency and the Other Eras If I were to give a star rating for each individual story it would mostly be 45 and 5 stars across the board with only one or two being 4 starsMY ASSESSMENTI’m blown away The anticipation for this collection has been building for months the hype is so much that I couldn’t help but have raised expectations and yetI’m still blown away I can’t see how but this collection actually exceeded my high expectations The creativity and diversity of all these stories is utterly impressive It is impossible for me to choose a favorite or even five favorites There were stories that gave wonderful laughs some that exhibited beautifully tender scenes some that ratcheted up the angst a bit some that pulled at the heartstrings with sweet poignancy some that took us to a uniue setting and some that cranked up the heat The fact that each story is memorable and uniue truly makes this collection an outstanding featI think what I loved most about this collection is how well each author rendered Jane Austen’s Mr Darcy Each portrayal of this illustrious man of conseuence was thoughtful sensitive and reverent These stories illustrated the many different facets of Mr Darcy’s character at different moments in his journey – both the negative and the positive Sometimes insufferable sometimes adorable but always irresistible These stories perfectly convey the reasons why Mr Darcy is a timeless romantic heroCONCLUSIONThe Darcy Monologues is a tremendously impressive and compelling tribute to Jane Austen’s Mr Darcy Brava to Christina Boyd for her inspired decision to create this magnificent anthology and for assembling the remarkable talent of these fifteen skilled story tellers This whole project was extremely well done I can only hope that Ms Boyd will one day select another Austen character “to have their say” I wholeheartedly recommendNOTE With some brief references of intimate moments and one usage of profanity I would recommend this book for PG 13 readersAustenesue Reviews

  8. Talia Talia says:

    The Darcy Monologues is heaven for a JAFF fan though I suspect even people unfamiliar with the genre would love this book The stories are split by time period with a hunky pic to get you in the mood Can I say the cover and section pics are awesome? Well I did and they are Well done to whoever thought of that Anyway all of the best JAFF authors under one cover should be enough to get you to love this book but in case you need each story is told from Darcy's POV hence the title Again well done and thank you for being so clever There is something here for all Darcy maniacs You won't leave feeling left out So sit back get ready to sigh and prepare to swoon Darcy is speaking to you I loved itReread OMG so good I also won the audiobook which I highly recommend I went and bought the hard copy to add to my DM collection Now I have all versions

  9. Leslie Leslie says:

    I think this was one of the most anticipated books on my PP reading list I started to feel like everyone I follow had gotten an advanced copy But when it was released on sunday I uickly grabbed it And it was the perfect end to an awesome weekend The book consists of 15 short stories all told from Darcy's perspective 8 are Regency era and 7 are other eras Only 4 are truly modern era I am not a huge fan of modern PP variations ‘Death of a Bachelor’ by Caitlin Williams I love everything Caitlin writes so I loved this Beginning 4 days before his wedding Darcy is realizing that his life is going to change and that Lizzy's will as well Following the wedding they end up stranded at an inn due to a sudden snowstorm This is just a wonderful story ‘From the Ashes' by J Marie Croft Here we get to see how Darcy really acted following the Disastrous proposal at Hunsford Here he over imbibes wakes his cousins; repeatedly spills ink and generally makes a mess of it A few really clever bits include Lady Chatterin' and Witsfailhim ‘If Only a Dream’ by Joana Starnes This is the second story detailing Darcy following the Hunsford Proposal Here his desire to leave is thwarted by Lady Catherine's accident It gives Darcy a chance to realize that Lady Catherine and Mrs Bennet are two sides of the same coin It also forces him to remain in Lizzy's orbit and eventually albeit accidentally confess how deep his feelings are ‘Clandestiny’ by Karalynne Mackrory Set at the Netherfield Ball here Darcy stalks off to avoid Lizzy in his study only to have a secret passage dump her into his presence Ribbons caught in doors and other things conspire to have our dear couple kissing ‘The Beast of Pemberley’ by Melanie Stanford This is a fantasy piece based on Beauty and the Beast – the Disney version Instead of being turned into animals or household items the master servants of Pemberley have been scarred Mr Darcy the most horribly Using a magic mirror Darcy sees how Miss Elizabeth is threatened with marriage to Collins so he 'saves her' but she doesn't appreciate the assistance When Darcy realizes that the evil wizard Wickham's spell is now turned on Lizzy he sends her away but Wickham lures him out of Pemberley and a battle ensues ‘A Resentful Man’ this is almost a misnames title for is retells Darcy reuniting with Lizzy and the Gardiners at Pemberley and there is zero resentment‘In Terms of Perfect Composure’ by Susan Adriani Here Darcy is licking his imagined wounds following his and Bingley's first return to Meryton and dining with the Gardiners The Gardiners encourage him to offer for Lizzy again; his premature return has him witnessing Lizzy Lady Catherine's argument and being chastized by his aunt in her carriage outside of Longbourn After this Lizzy seems to avoid him resulting in him heading to Longbourn – where she is alone due to a headache Hunsford redux and ODC can finally get past their past and remember the past only as it gives them pleasure ‘Without Affection’ by Jan Hahn This is the MOST angsty of the Regency era stories Set mostly at Pemberley it is the remembrances of an elderly Mr Darcy recalling how he almost ruined his marriage with his beloved Lizzy After their wedding when Jane seems to uickly fall with child Lizzy begins to fear she and Darcy won't have children When they do her difficulties prove too much for Darcy who decides he will never again risk her life But of course being Darcy nor does he explain this – instead he goes away to avoid temptation and of course Lizzy thinks she is now in the lonely society marriage since he has an heir Luckily Lizzy is sensible and practical than Mr loony Darcy so she eventually uses her brain to work on him and they lived happily ever afterAs a rule I am not a big fan of contemporary era PP what ifs with that being said ‘Hot for Teacher’ by Sara Angelini is one of the good ones Here Darcy is the principal of private school Pemberley academy He manages to insult Lizzy at least a half dozen times before realizing that he is in love with her I love how the author incorporated many characters in new roles Mr Collins is a janitor with a non creepy secret“You Don’t Know Me” by Beau North I think this is my favorite of the 'non Regency' stories and possibly my favorite of the entire book Set in 1962 Buffalo Darcy is Don Draper type who is exiled to Buffalo for being seduced by a wife of a client at the Christmas party Sent to run a radio station and turn it around he butts heads with Lizzy Bennet a beatnik woman DJ His Aunt Catherine is the head of the family business and she is wonderfully presented ‘Reason to Hope’ by Jenetta James I think PP blends wonderfully with WW2 and this story is really good Here Group Captain Darcy is sent to Meryton where he encounters Miss Bennet who is almost immediately arguing with him They learn to appreciate one another and his assistance when Kitty Lydia are thought lost to a London bombing makes them realize there is to life ‘Pemberley by Stage’ by Natalie Richards is set in the old west and has Wickham as the VILLAIN He is out to hurt anyone he can When the Darcys Bingleys are robbed and Georgiana kidnapped they are some what rescued by Jane Bennet and her brother Elias Darcy Elias set out to send help back to the injured and hunt down Wickham who has Lydia Bennet Georgiana ‘Darcy Strikes Out’ by Sophia Rose In this version Darcy is a big league baseball player nicknamed Dandy Darcy and Lizzie is a sports writer who he has offended and when he asks her out she reads him the riot act This story is pretty angst filled mostly in peripheral characters In this version Liz says “You are the last guy on the planet with whom”‘The Ride Home’ by Ruth Phillips Oakland This is a uickly paced story that has Darcy forced to pick up a drunken Lizzy when she abandons a bad date and gentleman that he is he can't declineDuring a car ride they straighten out all of their problems and misconceptions ‘I Darcy’ by Karen M Cox This is set in the modern US Liam Darcy the owner of Castleton and his buddy Corbin meet Lynley and Jane while discussing Jane austen in a bar Liam Darcy is not a fan of PP while Lynley and Jane are Their paths cross again when Darcy's company wants to open a new restaurant near their home He has to put in a lot of effort to get Lynley to like him especially because an employee had put her off his business view spoiler It's George Whitman aka Wickham hide spoiler

  10. Vicky Clayton Vicky Clayton says:

    BravoWhat a refreshing read Darcy is the uintessential hero perfection especially with his flaws which in my opinion make him believable and ultimatey loveable and real I was primed to love this book as it contains some of my favourite authors but in the back of my mind wondered if my expectations would set me up for a fall Not so I regularly tell my husband that I Iove to escape into this type of fiction because I want to live in world where Darcy exists is steadfast in his love for Elizabeth and always gets his girl and their happily every after This is all of that and Jane Austen wrote brilliantly awesome heros and villians but wrote about them from the angle she knew; always from the lady’s perspective The authors really dive into Darcy’s feelings and behavours exploring his personality and soul in way that is rarely seen as it’s generally well hidden behind that self preserving mask These stories shine a light on the workings of the man and bring a new perspective to his thoughts and motivations I thought I knew him pretty well already but there are some sections that give him previously unexplored colour at least for me that make this refreshing and newAs a collection it’s easy to pick up and read the stories in bite sized chunks they’re well written and as a set are well structured Naturally there are some I preferred to others although they’re all great and not necesarily in a way I expected I won’t talk about my favourite as you really should read it and find your ownI think I’ll always prefer alternatives and variations based in Regency England but that’s just me I do however love the idea of Darcy not being restricted by time and space; he will always get his Elizabeth and love will conuer all

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