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  1. Wendy Wendy says:

    Save Me Twice is a wonderfully told story. It is based on the author’s father’s stories from World War II. I felt like I was right there with the characters every step of the way. In fact I couldn’t put it down! This was a new perspective for me, as far as reading about this time in history. I have read many books about the Holocaust, but none from the view of boys in the Hilter Youth. This story chronicles what happens to Karl, the main character of the book, and his brothers, Hans and Hermann and other boys who are unwilling participants of the Hitler Youth. Many of these kids (Karl is 16 during much of the book) were forced into the war, even though they didn’t believe in the Nazi’s philosophy, but they had no choice but to follow their orders. It is a harrowing tale, and it kept me rapt the whole time.

  2. Eve Pines Eve Pines says:

    Couldn't put it down! Based on true story, about a part of German World War II history that we don't usually hear about.

  3. Dawn Gehler Dawn Gehler says:

    Amazing story

    I was amazed at how well this was written very good read makes you angry at what innocent people went through

  4. Darryl Greer Darryl Greer says:

    Towards the end of World War II, Germany was on its knees but Hitler was hell bent on fighting to the death — literally. With millions of soldiers and civilians dead and desperation taking hold, he ordered the roundup of every able bodied male in the country, including boys as young as 12. They were put in uniform, many in that of the fearsome SS, given a weapon they barely knew how to use and marched off to war. Against this background, author E. A. Dustin has based her novel Save Me Twice. Three young German brothers, Karl, Hans and Hermann hate the Nazis as much as anyone else. One day there is a knock on the door to their family home. The door is opened and they are confronted by a childhood friend and their Hitler Youth leader, Albert. Only Albert is now an SS-Scharführer. He has come to take Karl and Hans, both teenagers, off to the SS and to war. Their brother Hermann is wheelchair bound and he is to be taken somewhere else. Given what the Nazis do to vulnerable and disabled people, they fear the worst. In very short order Karl and Hans are in uniform and given the most basic of training. As far as the Nazis are concerned, they’re ready for war. For two peace loving, family oriented teenagers they are to be thrust into a living nightmare of Kafkaesque proportions.

    It is clear from the outset that this story has a ring of truth about it and that there is a connection between the author, E. A. Dustin and the people about whom she writes. Really, this is Karl’s story and in fact samples of his handwritten notes of what happened during those dark days of his life appear at various stages of the book. It could almost pass as a biography. War stories now, some seventy-three years since the end of the conflict, are a bit old hat, although occasionally something extraordinary will turn up amongst the thousands of novels set in that period. This is a refreshing change in that it describes, in some detail, the plight of the German people themselves who hated the Nazis and what they had to suffer simply because they were German. Although it is a gripping tale which keeps you guessing right the way through what happens to Karl and his brothers, there is room for improvement. I found the use of German language, sometimes whole sentences followed by an English translation in brackets a bit distracting. It is clear the author speaks German and that the characters are also speaking that language without having to remind the reader to that extent. The book also suffers from not having been edited very well. Typos and punctuation errors abound. This is not all that unusual for authors but they need to be corrected by a professional editor. Although it is a matter of taste rather than a punctuation error, I don’t like to see the exclamation mark overused. As F. Scott Fitzgerald once famously said, it is like laughing at your own joke. But those minor points aside, Save Me Twice is a fascinating and engaging read.

  5. Helen P Raczkowski Helen P Raczkowski says:

    Very Good read

    It was interesting to hear a store of Germans who did not agree with Hitler and the trials they faced.

  6. D Lincoln D Lincoln says:


    This may be fiction but based on facts told to a daughter by a father who was a 16 year old German soldier in 1945. We need to read these books so these terrible events are not repeated.

  7. Sean Sean says:

    I really enjoyed Save Me twice by E.A. Dustin. The book was easy to read and the characters were very relatable. The story is in the historical fiction genre and it wasn't until the end that I discovered that the story was actually based upon a true story. Set in Nazi Germany, the story is told through the perspective of a 15 yr old boy who finds himself and his brother conscripted by the SS to fight the final few months of the war. The horrors of the war are revealed both on and off the battlefield to a confused young boy who longs to be back home with his family and friends. Most of the stories we hear about Nazi Germany are told through the perspective of the allies but this one gives insight through the eyes of ordinary Germans who were as much against Hitler as anyone else. A very touching and emotional story that I highly recommend to anyone interested in history.

  8. JJ Dunaway JJ Dunaway says:

    This was a powerful story full of history, from a new perspective than any I have been offered previously. The path was difficult and heartbreaking as I suspect it truly was for so many young boys in Germany during the 40s. The story is genuine and I was pleasantly surprised at the twist at the very end that I will leave for the reader to follow the story and come to the end of this journey.

  9. Jenifer Owens Jenifer Owens says:

    Good Read. Give me more.

    The fact that the author included her father's writings added to the authenticity of this story. I wished I could read German. This book was interesting but I wanted more, more character development, more description. It could easily have been expanded. I enjoyed it. I just wanted the author to give me more. Hopefully, there will be a sequel, Karl and Michael meet again?

  10. Hannah Stoffield Hannah Stoffield says:

    To be completely honest, I don't really know anything about World War II going into this book. I only remember the information we were taught in school. So I didn't know much about the German side of the spectrum. I went into it with an open mind and it surely did help.
I found this book very educational. While reading, I learned so much more about the war that I wouldn't have known without the help of E.A. Dustin.
The book has a steady pace. There wasn't any slow parts to the story. It followed a nice rhythm.
I felt very immersed in the story and the writing is very beautiful. The story kept my interest all the way to the end.
I definitely recommend this book to fans of historical fiction and WWI and WWII stories.
Save Me Twice was an enjoyable story and I recommend it to all of you.

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Save me Twice ➜ [KINDLE] ❆ Save me Twice By E.A. Dustin ➦ – Based on a true story: Towards the end of World War II, when Hitler in desperation pulls in young and old to fight a losing war, year old Karl together with his older brother Hans is ripped from his Based on a true story: Towards the end of World War II, when Hitler in desperation pulls in young and old to fight a losing war,year old Karl together with his older brother Hans is ripped from his Mother’s house in the middle of the night to join the SS After spending months digging trenches as a deterrent for Russian tanks, Karl and his brother are captured by the Russians Known for their Save me PDF \ atrocities, Karl in immense danger, flees Russian captivity and surrenders to the Americans What happens to his brother? As an American POW Karl helps clean up MauthausenGusen, where he finds his neighborhood friend Michael whose entire family had gone missing Karl remains in American prison camp for five months: will the American GIs set him free or hand him over to the Russians? The Russians are demanding that prisoners in their territory are handed back Will Karl make it home alive?.