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    A wonderful sequel to Mr Saxon and the Droid, as we follow Zach, Rosie and their colleagues and friends and watch the talents of the children of the Mayflower develop and their personalities blossom The planet Gaea is a masterpiece and some of the droids created by the young ones are pretty spectacular, who could object to seeing fairies and dragons flying around and the occasional unicorn spotted running through the lush vegetation A very, very different science fiction series with some very unique concepts and ideas It s also an interesting study of human behaviour and societal norms when strictures are removed Full of emotion, humour and warmth And possibly one of the most unusual battle tactics utilised when the group are confronted by droids of evil intent Enjoyable, thought provoking and unique A series that may not be to everyone s taste, but well worth checking out Refreshingly different Patiently awaiting book t...

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Mr. Saxon & the Mo Droid PDF Epub Mr Saxon The Mo Droid Author Jim Neville Bandcamptomp3.co.uk This Book Is Currently UNPUBLISHED.It Is Only Available Via Special Promotions E.g., An Alternate Cover For This ASIN Can Be Found Here.Adult Content Warning 18 Another Sci Fi Romance From Jim NevilleThis Is The Second Installment Of The Mr Saxon Series.All Life Has Been Destroyed On Earth By The Evil Mo Droid The SS Mayflower Is The Last Hope Of Humanity It Is A Seed Ship From Earth Which Left Hundreds Of Years Before The Scourge Of The Mo Droid This Ship Is The Polar Opposite Of The Mo Droid Their Society Is Based On The Principle Of Love It Is A Battle Between Pure Love And Absolute Evil In The Previous Book, Mr Saxon The Droid, We Were Surprised To Discover The SS Mayflower Is Not Alone Are They Allies Or Foes This Book Answers That Question As We Also Discover The True Potential Of The Children Of The Mayflower One Of The Children Is Powerful Than Anyone Who Has Ever Lived, Or At Least That Is What We Are Led To Believe At First The Yin Yang Of Physical Love Is Expressed Side By Side With Spiritual Love Love Is Also Not Limited By Reality Again, We Find Any Fantasy Can Be Realized And Is Only Limited By The Imagination And Boy, Do They Have An Imagination.OTHER BOOKS IN THIS SERIES Mr Saxon The DroidMr Saxon The Thought Police