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Swords v. Cthulhu KINDLE Swords V Cthulhu Author Jesse Bullington Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk What Hope Has A Humble Adventurer When Faced With A Fight Against Cthulhu Himself No Matter The True Swordsperson Cares Only For The Bite Of Steel Against Flesh, Whether That Flesh Be Eldritch Or Conventional From The Hottest Voices In Lovecraftiana Comes A Collection That Will Take Readers On A Journey From Ancient Rome To Feudal Japan And From Dreamlands To Lands That Do Not Have Names In Any Of The Tongues Of Men Glory Awaits The Contributors Include Natania Barron, Eneasz Brodski, Nathan Carson, Michael Cisco, Andrew S Fuller, A Scott Glancy, Orrin Grey, Jason Heller, Jonathan L Howard, John Hornor Jacobs , John Langan, L Lark, Remy Nakamura, Carlos Orsi, M K Sauer, Ben Stewart, E Catherine Tobler, Jeremiah Tolbert, Laurie Tom, Carrie Vaughn, Wendy N Wagner, Caleb Wilson

About the Author: Jesse Bullington

Author Dream Weaver Visionary Plus Actor So long as you re cool with discovering just how dull I really am, I welcome adds here, on FB, LJ etc.My novels The Sad Tale of the Brothers Grossbart and The Enterprise of Death are available in a variety of languages I have it on admittedly shaky authority that they are charming My third novel, The Folly of the World, will be released in December of 2012 no word yet on how charming it will be, but I m sure I ll be the first to know I have short fiction free for the reading at

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    I was a fool and didn t immediately realize this was very much my shit The title is a bit twee, lacking the immediately evocative potency of a Children of Old Leech or Wide Carnivorous Sky I picked it up on a whim, mostly on the strength of Jesse and Molly s names and I didn t realize they didn t have entries of their own The fact that it was explicitly tied to Lovecraft put me off than anything I ve never understood why people ever started treating his stuff as an IP instead of a genre And there are indeed a couple unwelcome references here the word Shoggoth simply no longer does what Lovecraft invented it to do but this was largely a stupid thing to be worried about There s no Innsmouth or Miskatonic or what have you in fact, an American setting is notably absent.Combining fantasy and weird horror is not a new idea, and indeed or less dates back to the earliest days of weird horror But until Berserk in 1990, and then Demon s Souls and finally brought to its apotheosis in Bloodborne , it was never done well Howard, Saunders, Moore, etc, are all too heroic, using the weird horror for inspiration for monsters and arcs to build their heroes up against though in Howard s case it s h...

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    A wonderful anthology filled to the brim with guts, glory, and gore Oh did I mention the nameless terrors as well Full review to come.

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    This anthology unites the best of two worlds the Cthulhu Mythos and the fascinating world of swashbucklers, mercenaries, samurais, knights and explorers For all who thought Lovecraftian horror has nothing to do with sword fighting, honor, glory, shining armor and intrepid exploration , I say think again...

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    Great compilation of stories, lots of different situations and locales Vikings, samurai, nuns, Pirates, gladiators, consecrated virgins, etc , female characters and a dearth of happy endings.

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    Like any collection of short stories, this one is a mixed bag This one mixed than most Many of the stories seem to be repeating the same formula, with only a coat of paint to change the setting The best ones were the ones that did not fall into that formula The Lady of Shallot by Carrie Vaughn was a nice twist on an old Arthurian classic The twist is telegraphed pretty early on, but that just means the tension is trying to figure out when the bomb is going to go off Trespassers by A Scott Glancy, really succeeds in capturing the sort of 19th century colonial adventure literature that just predates Lovecraft even if the story s a bit formulaic, the stiff upper lip Britishness and the authenticity of the setting carry the day John Hornor Jacobs The Children of Yig is definitely in the bounds of the formula, but his atmospheric prose and my affection for Vikings made up for that most effectively.Orrin Grey s A Circle That Ever Returneth In is a choose your own adventure short story, which I ve never seen before It totally works AND it manages to pull of some unnerving and inevitable Lovecraftian horror Red Sails, Dark Moon by Andrew S Fuller embraces the pulpy swor...

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    The title of this anthology is a little misleading, implying a sense of kitsch and lack of seriousness this could not be further from the truth The introduction discusses the fact that this falls within the Conan sequence sword and sorcery camp of fantasy, rather than high fantasy I would say these stories go a step further than that While I agree that sword and sorcery frequently incorporates Lovecraftian mythology elements, and are certainly dark and action packed, these particular stories have a sense of bleakness and futility that is much reminiscent of true lovecraftian fiction Many also fall firmly within the realm of weird fiction, as we are left with a sense of confusion, a lack of clear explanation for what has just transpired.Bullington has edited other anthologies for Stonskin Press, and both he and the imprint itself do a good job of recruiting authorial talent ...

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    A collection of varied short stories that pit their main characters against all manner of lovecraftian horrors, in many different ways As a whole, these stories bring a delightful mixture of horror, action adventure, mystery and even some humor to the sub genre that is eldritch horror There was no story here that I outright disliked, though I have some I liked better than others, which is only human I liked St Baboloki s Hymn for Lost Girls for its dream mood and folklore like tone I liked The Dreamers of Alamoi both for its premise and its main character s plight I liked A Circle That Ever Returneth In for its interesting take on the multiple choice style of story telling I liked Without Within because of its ending, it felt very classic Lovecraft in the better conn...

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    Read most of it, but skipped the last few short stories As a collection of short stories, of course the book was hit and miss Weird that the most compelling story was the one that was arguably the most racist SPOILERS AHEAD But it s the one with colonizers I think and groups of army men from different countries tracking down missing people in the jungle Then a bunch of tiny natives wearing human skins come running out and they gun them all down It was good SPOILERS END Some stories were pretty light on the Swords and all of them were light on Cthulhu, specifically, though lots seemed to love the King in Yellow I think I m starting to learn that...

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    There is so much here I m a sucker for Cthulhu Mythos related stories, and doubly so for swords and sorcery big fan of Fritz Leiber, Robert E Howard, etc so I enjoyed this anthology, which is a great marriage of both The stories range from good to gre...

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    3.5 Stars

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