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The Long Trail Home PDF Epub The Long Trail Home Author Kiersi Burkhart Rivka Can T Wait To Get Away From Her Family For The Summer Since That Terrible Day Last Year, She Wants No Part In Their Jewish Community At Least At Quartz Creek Ranch, She Feels Worlds Away From Home Among The Colorado Scenery, Goofy Ranch Owners, And Baby Animals.Other Parts Of Quartz Creek, However, Are Too Familiar, Including The Unsettling Wave Of Anti Immigrant Threats To Ranch Workers On A Trip To The Country, Rivka Is Also Surprised To Learn The History Of Jewish Pioneers In The Area When She And Her Defiant Cabinmate, Cat, Face Disaster In The Wild, Rivka Will Need To Find Strength Deep Within Her To Help Them Both Get Home Safely.

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    This review is meant for parents, teachers, and other people that work with children to read Rivka is a bit tired of synagogue life, in fact she is a bit tired of being so different from people because she is Jewish She does not think she will even have a bat mitzvah, and doesn t really want one Her parents send her to Quartz Creek Ranch, while her other siblings will experience a different kind of summer with different scenery and fun As soon as she steps off the airplane, things start to become much different for her, from the person who holds up a sign for her, to her ranch mates, to the different lifestyle of working with horses that she is about to discover Her ranch mates soon discover she is Jewish, and she is not sure how they are going to treat her later, they cared about her before they found out, so maybe it will not be as hard as she thinks What Rivka thought was going to be a miserable summer for her turned out to be a blessing for her, and she was glad she went to the ranch Attending the ranch for the summer helped Rivka develop a new skill of...

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    This new series is very worthwhile see shared notes at the end.This particular one I especially liked because it dealt with a real problem of a kid feeling conflicted about their religious heritage, in this case being Jewish She came to grips with it in part because of some racial prejudice against Mexicans in the community.Here are notes about the series in general This was written with just the right amount of predictability for the age group middle reader Kids with problems go to a horse ranch for therapy This was handled sensitively with not too much graphic information about situations Kids find they are worthy of being understood and respected, and there is an underlying belief in redemption Kids grow in steps, not all at once, and the changes are believable The series would speak to troubled kids and it would teach the value of compassion and kindness...

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    The Long Trail Home, fits with a number of recently published books that have taken on depicting current events It very tamely depicts anti Semitic graffiti and an mentions an anti immigrant rally and a beating of a person who is a minority These descriptions are mild, and therefore appropriate for upper elementary and middle school students The main character battles with her desire to run away from her Jewish identity ...

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    A love of animals and the outdoors permeates this novel Rivka s struggle to find herself and face her fears will resonant with young readers.

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    I read all four books in as many days and I must say, this is the best in the series.

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    This was a read aloud with Scarlett I appreciated the pro immigrant story line.

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    I love this book It is a wonderful story of facing fears and courage as well as friendship Rick s is a terrific main character and her story arc captured me.

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    We read many books for kids about racism that are set in the past This middle grade novel puts events occurring today into a contemporary story that also includes horses I already know what kids I can pitch it to Part of a new series called Quartz Creek Ranch Recommend.

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