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    I discovered this book through an author I follow, Elicia Hyder I m glad she made a post about it because I really enjoyed this book A regency romance involving magic, nine tail foxes and a women just trying to keep the love of her life and protect her family

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    DNF ed 46%While I was intrigued by the idea, and did like Elizabeth, I have to agree with another reviewer who said the author has a tendency to just end scenes abruptly This makes for rough transitions and choppy flow overall.

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    Foxtails was a great book with fun characters and an entertaining plot that kept me wondering about what would happen next I loved seeing how all the characters and their relationships developed throughout the book and I plan to read by this...

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    Elizibeth falls for a mysterious young man George but can he really be a mythical creature Magic isn t for real, is it And what is she to do about Nathan Throckmorten who seems determined to pursue her no matter how many times she tries to politely say she isn t interested This story is a lovely romance story but it also has some mythical creatures adding a fantastical element, plenty of suspense as the reader is never sure exactly what is happening to the various characters have they been injured are they still alive who can be believed , and some truly dastardly villains At one point I thought the romance was just going to become a typical he loves someone else, woe is me type thing but that only lasted about one page and was when you needed to hang onto your hat because things really took off Don t miss this wonderful story My only problem is that I now have no stories to read ...

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    I really enjoy this author s work and this book, while, in my opinion, quite different from her others, is no exception I think the story is very interesting, Elizabeth, Sara Jane, Edward and James are such a sweet family so dedicated to each other and so endearing George, Simon and Tristan are incredibly good hearted and kind, as well I wished for nothing but happiness for each of them and I was engrossed by the journey Ms Laurie took me on throughout the story with all of the challenges and uncertainties that the characters faced I also always appreciate the mysticism in her work the presence of dragons and otherworldly ...

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    Foxtails by Erica Laurie is a cute Regency romance mixed with magic and fairy tale style storytelling The story is told in first person from Elizabeth Pendry, the youngest sister of four siblings just trying to keep their family together after the death of their parents, point of view There is a definite Jane Austen feel to this story, and that is anything but bad.The story is filled with myste...

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    Cute attempt to merge Korean mythology of the gumiho 9 tailed fox with Regency romance and lots of adventure The narrative was confusing at a couple of points and the use of modern language where it wasn t historical appropriate made my buying into the world building harder, but I perseve...

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    Regency FairytalesYes Elizabeth, fairies are real They live in our imaginations and our dreams Sometimes they even inhabit our waking moments and our hearts Love from the realm of fairyland finds Elizabeth, but just like in our world the...

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    I did love the book There were somethings in the story that made me give it only a 4 star rating Though I won t give away any spoilers.

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    Really enjoyed this story Will go back to this several times to re read, I know already Recommend.

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Foxtails What Happens When You Take Regency Era England, And Throw In A Mythical 9 Tailed Fox Elizabeth Pendry Is A Book Worm Who Likes To Believe In Fantasy Little Does She Know She S About To Discover That Fairies Do Indeed Exist And Not All Magic Is Good.