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    3 Stars After finishing the first book in this series, I was really excited for Javi s story He was a divorced and jaded hero drowning his misery in booze and womenand you know he was just waiting for the right woman to come along and shake things up Then I read the blurb for his book and saw a second chance romance got thrown into the mix one word immediately came to mind SOLD After 4 years of friendship, Maya decides to proclaim her love for Javi when he gets engaged Even though he knew he was marrying his fianc mostly out of convenience and because his family thought she was the right girl and he had feelings for Maya, he felt that Maya and he were wrong for each other so he turned her down She fled town, he married and now they meet again And oh boytheir first meeting sets the tone for the snarky banter that I ate up Javi is shocked, Maya jumps to the wrong conclusionand some quality vodka and a good suit pay the price It s clear right from the start that time and distance did nothing to quell the attraction they feel.And let me tell you, these two have chemistry in spades Maya and Javi burned up every room they found themselves in tog...

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    4.5 stars ARC courtesy of Netgalley and Kensington Publishing

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    This book broke my heart It s basically a second chance romance, with a twist This trope always seems to sink it s claws into me and doesn t let go But, I have a love hate relationship with the feeling it always seems to give me We met Javi in book 1 He was the hot mess, bad boy, player of a big brother to the heroine, and best friend to the hero in book 1 He was such a mess in the first book, but by the end you really felt for him When I saw his book would be next, I was very intrigued Javi helps run his family s successful hedge fund He comes from a wealthy Cuban immigrant family, and his father is very traditional In book 1 he d been on a drunken, sex crazed bender following his contentious divorce, and his sister Alana was picking up all his slack at work But, for the last 6 months he s really gotten his act together and started to become his old self again His father has lost trust in him though, and that s not so easy to get back His heroine was not anything like I thought, but she was perfect for him They also have a very interesting backstory.Maya is a Puerto Rican girl from Harlem, NY She had nothing growing up She and her brother are very close, and he s the only family she has left Her mom h...

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    No rating I unfortunately read 1 4 of the book and then literally skipped to the end.not sure why though lol OMG, Maya was the most annoying woman, Javi was just ughhhh, I literally hated the description of him to begin with and then, yeah, just a total ...

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    I was afraid I was going to feel this way about a book with Javier as the hero, and I do

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    It s not just the air that s steamy when Andie J Christopher transports us back to Miami in Dusk to Dawn, her second book in her One Night in South Beach series Javi Hernandez is tired of being the family s hot mess He s trying to stay off the booze and out of the clubs so he can be respected professionally and he can respect himself personally But when Javi s past saunters right up to his present, things messy than just the vodka that got dumped on him Artist Maya Pascual met Javi back in grad school and they became fast friends.except Maya fell in love Laying her heart on the line right when Javi becomes engaged broke Maya s heart and she left town and Javi behind But now Javi is divorced, Maya is in Miami too and the potent chemistry between these two cannot be ignored I loved this story sure, it was a second chance love story, a beloved trope amongst us romance readers But it was so much than that it illustrated how trying to meet expectations that are created for you but not true to you can be dangerously damaging For Javi, he was expected by his very conservative, old world Cuban f...

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    ARC courtesy of Author in exchange for an honest reviewJavi Hernandez was finally back to working after his sister Alana reminded him what he needed to do After his bitter divorce, he went on a binge for everything, women, sex and alcohol He was good looking and wealthy, so he always had flock of followers Nothing satisfied him until he saw Maya, one woman he couldn t forget Maya is back in Miami from New York and trying to establish her artistic career But before her career takes off, she needed to work as a bartender and a caterer with her brother When she finally faces Javi at a night club where she works, she pours tequila on his head and leaves him Now Javi finally realizes she is back in Miami and he wants to pursue her Both known each other from college days when he was attending college and she was bartending Cole, Alana s boyfriend and Javi s best friend, Javi and Maya were good friends until Javi wanted to marry someone else Maya pour her heart out to Javi before and it shattered her before She is not ready to let that happen again But every time she is near Javi, her body is ignited So she proposes only one night, but will it be enough for both Javi only married Karrie to satisfy his parents and he thought that ...

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    Whew That was a sexy romp Highly recommend this steamy Miami romance I picked it up just before heading south for my own weekend in Florida and it was a great companion really set the stage The two protagonists sizzle with passion and the world they live in is soap opera glamorous but somehow still recognizable I didn t love the way that two women were set against each other to build up the tension there are plenty of ways to build tension w...

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    She was Puerto Rican He was Cuban Apparently there s a culture clash Who knew 3.5This review is based on the ARC provided by the author and or the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion.

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    I lost sleep while reading this book I needed to know what happened next You cant help but fall for these characters and find yourself feeling for them You will want to slap them, hug them, laugh, get angry, and swoooon This book was worth the lack of sleep.

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Dusk Until Dawn (One Night in South Beach, #2) Read Dusk Until Dawn One Night In South Beach, 2 By Andie J Christopher Ls17.eu No Boundaries.Bartender And Aspiring Painter Maya Pascual Loves Turning Up The Heat And Dumping A Vodka And Karma Chaser On The Man Who Broke Her Heart Is Perfect Bronx Girl Payback But How Can She Resist When Miami Playboy Prince Javier Hernandez Begs To Make It Up To Her.No Regrets.Between His Disastrous Personal Life And His Wealthy Family S Meddling, Javi Needs To Get Back On Track The Only Thing That S Certain Is His Passion For Maya If She Ll Just Let Him Show Her How Sorry He Is, Maybe He Can Move On And Start Fresh But One Look In Her Gorgeous Eyes And He Knows Letting Her Go Will Be Easier Said Than Done.No Rules.Maya Agrees To One Dinner With Javi But As Their Attraction Threatens To Combust, She Wonders If A Night Of No Strings, No Repeats Surrender Is The Only Way Burn Off Their Desire Once And For All Unless The Light Of Day Reveals It S Impossible To Let Go.