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All-Butter ShortDead Gemma Ditches Her High Flying Job And Returns To Oxford To Follow Her Dream Opening A Traditional English Tearoom Serving Warm Buttery Scones With Jam And Clotted Cream Only Problem Is Murder Is The First Thing On The Menu And Gemma Is The Key Suspect And The Only People Gemma Can Turn To For Help Are Four Nosy Old Ladies From Her Local Cotswolds Village Not To Mention A Cheeky Little Tabby Cat Named Muesli Who Was The Mysterious Woman Gemma Met On The Flight Back From Australia And Why Was She Murdered Now Gemma Must Find The Killer, Solve The Mystery And Clear Her Name If She S To Have Her Cake And Serve It Too.This PREQUEL To The OXFORD TEAROOM MYSTERIES Includes BONUS CHAPTERS FROM A SCONE TO DIE FOR BOOK 1 It Is Slightly Shorter Than The Rest Of The Series Which Are All Full Length Novels And Can Be Read As A Standalone, Before Or After Any Other Book In The Series.THE OXFORD TEAROOM MYSTERIES All Butter ShortDead Prequel A Scone To Die For Book 1 Tea With Milk And Murder Book 2 Two Down, Bun To Go Book 3 Till Death Do Us Tart Book 4

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    Gemma was finally heading back to London after working in an executive position in Sydney for the past eight years She missed her best friend Cassie most of all and was excited to be returning to Oxford as she was going to open her own tearoom The loan application was with the bank she was assured it would be ready for her signature when she arrived home, and the building was waiting for her to take it over.But trouble was on the horizon Gemma had chatted with the lady sitting next to her on the plane, and it was only a matter of days after their arrival at Heathrow Airport that Gemma was involved in a murder investigation with her as chief suspect How could this have happened What was Gemma to do And could the four determined old biddies actually help her out All Butter ShortDead is the prequel 0.5 in the Oxford Tearoom Mysteries by H.Y Hanna and it was a quick, light and easy read which I flew through in a couple of hou...

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    This was the first book that I have read in this series and I liked it a lot The prequel is a short read but a great mystery that didn t feel rushed It introduces us to the beginnings of the tearoom and gets us to meet the very loveable and interesting...

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    Gemma Rose has given up her life as a high paid executive in Australia and is moving back home to open a English Tea Room in Oxford, England On the plane ride home, she starts chatting to the woman sitting next to her She finds out that her name is Jenn and she is traveling to visit Oxford as well When they land, Jenn accidentally leaves her scarf behind and Gemma picks it up They meet to exchange the scarf and get to chatting some The next morning Jenn is found murdered in her hotel room and Gemma is the number one suspect How can she open a tea room if she is in prison This book is a prequel to the Oxford Tearoom Mysteries, but it was my first foray into the series I really enjoyed it The characters were likable and funny and Gemma was a great lead This book really sets up the storyline for the other books, so I am rea...

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    I really enjoyed this mystery Gemma had her hands full trying to get her loan from the bank and also being accused of a murder Loved the nosy little ladies and Muesli Will definitely get the next one in this series.

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    I received a copy in exchange for an honest reviewAll Butter ShortDead is a short prequel novella for the Oxford Tearoom Mysteries series As a big fan of this series I was excited to hear there would be a prequel This prequel takes place before book 1 and tells the story of how Gemma returned to the UK and started her tearoom I have already read the first 4 books in this series, but I thought it was fun to go back where it all started and see a glimpse of what happened before 1 But I think you can also read it before book 1, it will just be a different experience As I knew what is going to happen in the next books, it provided some fun perspective in a few scenes and the last few lines of the story made me smile knowing what s going to happen next.There is also a small murder mystery in this book, I thought it wasn t as good as in the full length books simply because things happened a bit faster and there was less slow build up, wading through clues and red herrings It all just happened a bit faster, but with how short it was the author still did a great job making it a fun mystery And I liked the plot twist at the end I had guessed someone else as the murderer So overall it was still an interesting mystery that kept my attention Although it also made me a bit sad about who died and why.I enjoyed seeing Gemma adapt to the British weather and life when she returned and how nostalgic Oxford wa...

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    I really enjoyed this prequel to the Oxford Tearoom series It s been a couple of years since I read the first book, so I might even give it a reread before continuing on This was a fairly quick read and easily wrapped up mystery but I still hadn t guessed the killer At first I thought the old ladies known as the Old Biddies were just annoying, but as Gemma found out, they did come in handy when she needed to prove her innocence Gemma is smart and figured most of it out on her own by sleuthing I did get a kick out of the ladies rifling through papers in the office though They at least gave Gemma the idea that if she wanted to be cleared of the murder, she d better...

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    This is a prequel to a book I read a few weeks ago When I finished that book I wondered how the author could create a prequel view spoiler when one of the main characters is a murderer hide spoiler

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    All Butter Short Dead by H.Y Hanna is the prequel to the Oxford Tearoom Mystery series Gemma returns home to Oxford, England after working in Australia with plans to open a tea room When her travelling companian is murdered, her plans are put on hold when she becomes prime suspect This is one of my favourite series and it w...

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    2.5 3 stars This was a quick start to the series, which is to be expected I read book one before, mostly by mistake, I didn t realize this existed at the time It does give you a brief outline of how the characterset and tea shop come together with a quick n murder mystery.

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    Two stars mostly because I never really felt like the heroine, who is narrating, seemed to be a character She simply seemed to be a mouthpiece than anything else I also didn t quite by the solve the mystery reveal in fairness, there is acknowledgement of the far outness of the plot.However, there were a few things here I liked Even while feeling wooden, the character does grow Further, the heroine is not jealous of her best friend they are best friends for real I like the baker...

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