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Cockpit Reading Cockpit By Joanna Blake Chardonneret.eu She S The One Who Got Away But I Live For The Chase I M A Thrill Seeker I Fly The Fastest Jets In The World, And Ride My Motorcycle When I M On The Ground The Only Thing That Matters To Me Is Speed Why Would I Ever Think About Settling Down Jenny Reeds, That S Why One Look In Those Hazel Eyes And I Found A Thrill No Dogfight Could Match For One Wild, Unforgettable Night, She Was Mine I Wanted To Keep Her Close But She Disappeared Without Even Telling Me Her Last Name I Did My Tour And Flew Combat Missions In Desert Skies But I Never Forgot Her Now They Have Me Pushing Papers And Training New Pilots I Thought I D Be Bored To Tears Guess Who I Run Into My First Night Back It S Her, My Wild Eyed, Fiery Haired Beauty Turns Out She S The General S Daughter But That Won T Stop Me I M Persistent And It Doesn T Take Too Long Before She S Back In My Arms Only One Problem She S Kept One Hell Of A Secret From Me She Had A Baby While I Was Overseas My Baby Now I Want Them Both Under My Roof Permanently I Ve Never Failed A Mission Yet And I Don T Intend To Start Now Cockpit Is A Standalone Novel With A Guaranteed HEA And No Cheating This Edition Includes Bonus Materials And Will End Before 100%

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    1.5 stars A one night stand between Jagger, a military pilot and Jenny, a high school graduate leads to a nine month gift which leads to no college for said female and then marriage and a HEA The end.

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    This was a good story that was very easy to follow They had a ONS 17 months before, but he did not know her whole name, so he could not find her after he had been shipped out This book really dealt with the army base mentality and the way they handle their problems I felt like I was back on base The hero and heroine bring their own drama as she can t trust him to know about her 8 month old daughter as he has the rep of being Sergeant Panty dropper SPD She finds this out after she discovers that she is pregnant at 18 He was part of her rebellion after her mother died He wanted to reconnect and claim her for his own, but she wanted nothing to do with his whoring ass Good for her here I know she should have told him about the baby, but he needs to understand he should have told her about the condom breaking and how to get in touch with him.He j...

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    2.5 Run Far Away Stars Jagger Sergeant Panty Dropper spots little fresh out of high school Jenny at a bar and decides to have her After an all night ONS, Jenny rushes out and Jagger is left with only her first name and a memory One he plays over and over He is deployed the next day and has no way to find her He never forgot Jenny and she never forgot him 18 months later, the two reconnect but Jenny has a secret.I was really enjoying this as they reconnected and Jagger wanted Jenny like no other He was bound and determined to have her He d never forgotten Jenny and hadn t been with anyone else since her And then, the bomb got dropped I knew it was coming knew it was going to cause some turmoil and conflict So, it became angsty I m not an angst reader I can take small doses if it doesn t last too long I was so freaking pissed at Jenny She had this secret and she kept it when she had every opportunity to come clean I know Jagger had a reputation and he paid for it That was on him I get it, she thought he was someone who w...

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    4.5 StarsDerek Jagger has a reputation as Sergeant Panty Dropper Jenny Reeds is looking to sow her oats during an impulsive wild streak And their one night together before he ships out leaves Jenny in a completely new role.Despite his old playboy ways, Jagger is all in once he meets Jenny He can t get her out of his mind during his time deployed, and he d like very much to find her If only he knew her last name And then of all of the bars in the world, he walks into hers And their second chance comes full swing He was kind and gentle and sweet and passionate and filthy Very, very filthy Jagger and Jenny have quite the chemistry and their encounters are pretty sizzling There s no shortage of heat in this story He grunted like an animal as his tempo increased I was still coming, still feeling the electricity that passed between us when we came together It s definitely a sexy story, largely light hearted though there s a bit of angst drama around the middle Jenny didn t always make the best choices, and Jagger didn t always react the best, but it was also clear they had good reasons for their mistakes and being told via their dual first person point of view helped with understanding t...

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    Besides the obvious plot I hate,

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    1.5 starsOy OYYYYYYY I m going to be nice and back away from this review Read thru Kindle Unlimited

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    Obviously this one didn t work for me I didn t think it was as well drawn as it could have been The characters were a wham bam one night stand before the hero flies off into the wild blue yonder The road to their secon...

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    1.2 Stars DNF 27% I wanted to like the story but the h rubbed me the wrong way She was selfish and made rash decisions Like not telling someone he s going to be a father based on his reputation I understand she was young but her choices were terrible He never treated her poorly and was always honest in what he wanted Yet every time she thinks the worst and acts like a child So apparently not long after her HS graduation she meets our H at a bar Ignoring the questions of how she got in or how she was served alcohol Let s look at the age difference This isn t his first day in the military with his experience he has to be 10 15 years older then she is Then once he finds her again they have sex Yet he doesn t notice that she s had a baby or is still breastfeeding that baby I gave up on the story aft...

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    This book is too cliche for me, everything that happened I read it before The worst part for me was the dialogue It even wasn t a fun cliche book to read with the male protagonist saying stupid things like She needed to be warmed up before I sunk my torpedo What the hell is that is that supposed to be sexy That s not even the worst when he said You look good with my creampie I was like WTF Where did he get that line a porn movie Probably My favorite one was when he was describing her whimpering She was whimpering, squealing like a dolphin as I trust into her wildly just lovely, a beautiful description in the middle of a sexy scene Needless to say, I was laughing ...

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    Secret babyCockpit is a pretty good read I enjoyed the wooing Jagger is sweet and sexy Jenny made me mad, of course She was hiding the fact that she had Jagger s baby while he was overseasI love secret baby storylin...

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