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Killerbowl (Doubleday science fiction) Thirty Years In The Future, The Ultraviolent Sport Of Professional Street Football, A Phenomenally Popular 24 Four Hour Long Athletic Event, Combines Pro Football With Mixed Martial Arts And Armed Combat On New Years Day, Quarterback T.K Mann Plays The Most Dangerous Game Of His Life, The Game Known As Killerbowl This Is The First Novel By Gary K Wolf, Famed Creator Of Roger Rabbit.

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    Gary K Wolf is an excellent writer who takes a very different slant on everything This time it was violence and killing as a required part of football and the Superbowl of 2010 He creates some very memorable characters and a situation that is very easy to believe would happen I hope his vision of the future never comes to pass, but we are heading that way fast.My only criticism would be how long it takes to get to the end He spends a lot of time describing a lot of games in detail and it slows the momentum too much.It s a very enjoyable read, and you can get it for a steal at for the Kindle.

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    I wrote notes for this one like I do for most every book I read, but I m throwing them all away Basically pretend someone came up to you or in this case came up to Gary K Wolf and said, Hey, so what if football was played on city streets instead of on a field oh and also players can kill each other Write as much as you can about that, until you ve exhausted everything there is to say Should take you, I dunno, 200 pages or so 0.99 on the Kindle store will get you this experience I m debating whether or not to imply it s worth it.

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    I never watch the Super Bowl, or any football, but this weekend I read this novel It s is about a Super Bowl of the future It takes place in the years 2010 2011, which are long past, but it was writing in the mid 1970s, so back then the 2000s were the fairly distant future In this novel, football is played on city streets, the players are armed with knives and clubs, and killing a player in the course of a game is legal It is a faced paced and powerful novel and an effective condemnation of corporate greed, political corruption and human bloodlust.

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    If you loved Roller Ball Murder or the stunning 1975 film starring James Caan , then this book is for you It s a Max Headroom esque look at the future where evil corporations run football in the 20oos, whipping fans into a frenzied watch fervor with pay per replays and murder mayhem reel highlights of street football during the week Mix in a bit of political satire and you have for a lean, mean, gutsy novel.

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    This book was fun, but if you don t like or know about American football there is a lot that is boring.

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    Great book Killerbowl is about a distopian future where a hyperviolent football league has become Americas primary entertainment Really made me think which was not what I expected.

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    3.5 Didn t know the guy who wrote this also wrote Who Censored Roger Rabbit , the basis for one of my all time favorite movies Killerbowl was an interesting, at times prescient read, probably a rip off of Rollerball but entertaining in its own right The blurb tells you all you need to know about the book going in and reading it does exactly what its supposed to.

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    Umm, this is awesome 4.5 It s in the future and football is played across entire cities and to the death I admit that some of my extreme love is because of the football thing, but the book is good in any case.

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    Read it again this month Very interesting format and a wonderful read.

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    Totally engrossing and somewhat silly evocation of a future blood sport.

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