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Stroke of Midnight (One Night in South Beach, #1) PDF Epub Stroke Of Midnight One Night In South Beach, 1 Author Andie J Christopher Natus Physiotherapy.co.uk One Night New Year S Eve In Miami Even Workaholic Alana Hernandez Can T Resist The Call Of The City, Especially If It Will Get Her Little Sister Off Her Back But A Night Of Celebrating Turns Into A Night Of Mischief When An Alluring Stranger Catches Her Eye Across The Dance Floor No Names Former Navy Seal Cole Roberts Isn T Looking For Anything Than A Good Time In Miami Since Leaving The Military And Being Betrayed By His Former Fianc E, He S Not Interested In Unnecessary Complications But The Moment He Sets Eyes On The Sultry Beauty, Cole Knows This Night Will Be Far From Ordinary No Going Back Neither Cole Nor Alana Are Looking For A Relationship, So They Strike A Deal One Night No Names No Repeats But Things Get Complicated When Their Night Of Passion Becomes Something Neither Can Walk Away From.

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    3.5 Stars This was a great debut by Andie J Christopher and I ll definitely be reading her future work Alana works at the family business The end That s her life The most action that she s gotten lately is when a spreadsheet accidentally brushed against her breast That was an exciting day for Alana Her brother is drowning his relationship sorrows in women and booze, so she s not only carrying her load but picking up his slack as well After some cajoling from her younger sistera night out may be just what Alana needs.Cole is an ex Navy Seal in town visiting a friend for some RR South Beach may be just what he needs to get out of his funka funk he s been carrying around since he was rejected by his girlfriend when he proposed to her How silly of him to think that her high society lifestyle would ever be accepting of a man raised in a trailer park by a drunk mother and absentee father A chance encounter on New Year s Eve changes everything for Cole and Alana One night of no strings, no names sex was supposed to be a way to let off steambut feelings have a way of throwing a wrench in things Alana was such a likable and relatable heroine She wasn t waiting around for a man to validate her or pat her on the back for...

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    4 I could never help wanting what I can t have Stars Stroke of Midnight is the first book in Andie J Christopher s One Night in South Beach series It s also the first book I have read by her, but it definitely won t be the last.Cole and Alana s story pretty much took off from the beginning, and the author delivered a sexy hot, sweet ro...

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    1.5 starsThis comes out of the gate strong When I read this on page 2 I think my kindle didn t display page numbers I was all in She was here, polishing a client proposal on New Year s Eve instead of binge watching Arrow because her brother had scheduled a client meeting next week and neglected to tell her about it until this morning. because what show am I in the middle of watching on Netflix Yes, that is correct Arrow Sadly, Arrow is never mentioned again This has a lot of potential, but it lurches along unevenly, like a stick shift driven by an inexperienced driver It s almost like the author couldn t decide if she was writing a romance or erotica.At first it was okay because I kind of liked the characters, but then I got sick of them, I got sick of the repetition and stupid secrets and the auxiliary characters who are nothing but stereotypes, and I started hoping this romance would have a plot twist where the h H don t end up ...

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    3.5 STARSA cute book but was too fast paced for me and whenever a book has a giant lack of communication, it always frustrates me

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    Andie J Christopher s debut romance novel Stroke of Midnight begins on New Year s Eve in Miami Growing up in a Cuban traditional family, Alana Hernandez has to work harder and longer than the men in her family to prove that she deserves a top place in the family business It s particularly galling because her brother Javier, recovering from a bad breakup, is drinking and whoring it up and not pulling his weight at work, leaving her to fix his messes When her sister Carla convinces her to put the paperwork aside and head to a club with her for New Year s Eve, she s determined to make the most of it A sexy stranger, no names, and a one night stand that knocks her socks off is just what she needs to forget her trouble for a few hours But Cole Roberts, a retired Navy SEAL is hoping he ll see the woman who rocked his world again, and gets his wish when she turns out to be none other than his buddy Javi s little sister This story has a fairly typical romance storyline Alana s brother Javier warns Cole away from h...

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    4 Solid StarsThis was my first read by this author and won t be my last, I really liked this story a lot The writing was great, the storyline flowed very well with no dull moments, I enjoyed BOTH characters as well as left intrigued by the secondary.What I didn t like at times was the rather low opinions that Cole had of himself I felt he was a bit OTT with the I am not good enough trope, that got old fast I would have liked a bit angst because as much as I loved them, I felt that the storyline could have been amped up a bit in the right way just to get it up to the next level of excitement but all in all a good low angst and fairly drama free read.I loved the Epilogue BUT would have liked so much I am planning to read Javi s book even though his character ...

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    New Year s Eve one night stand into something much bigger I enjoyed this one

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    Liked it a lot It was hot, funny Loved when Alana s sister would not allow her workaholic sister to spend New Years Eve at work So she finally went out The last thing she expects to do is hook up with a total stranger But for one night it might be just what she needs Let loose Live a littleand she did That s until she met her no name, fun one night man again Former Navy SEAL Cole Roberts was not in the mood to go out, but me...

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    I would have liked relationship development before an ILY, but if this was a debut novel it wasn t bad I straight up hate the brother, though, so if he s a hero later, I m going to have a real hard time with that.

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    Wow This is one sexy, steamy, red hot and well written debut novella from a new author you will want to keep an eye on It s New Year s Eve, and Alana Hernandez is still at work, keeping her family s very successful business afloat Growing up with a very traditional Cuban father and dealing with a now mess of an older brother, Alana is tired and frustrated Leave it to her sister Carla to get her out clubbing on the ultimate clubbing night of the year Enter smoking hot stranger former SEAL Cole Roberts, and the good girl goes very, very bad After an amazing lusty night,reality comes crashing down on Alana and Cole when it winds up they really aren t the strangers to each other that they thought This little read contains all the great stuff Family dynamics are explored and tough topics are laid out there The damage that can be inflicted on a person when they grow up with an alcoholic or abusive parent does not heal cleanly, as Cole never feels he is good enough for relationships The heartache of making a poor choice in marriage only seems to spread within Javi Hernandez, negatively impacting his mental health and the health of his family business And saturated ...

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