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Select (Select, #1) BOOKS Select Select, 1 Marit Wiesenberg Buyprobolan50.co.uk Coming From A Race Of Highly Evolved Humans, Julia Jaynes Has The Perfect Life The Perfect Family The Perfect Destiny But There S Something Rotten Beneath The Surface Dangerous Secrets Her Father Is Keeping Abilities She Was Never Meant To Have And An Elite Society Of People Determined To Keep Their Talents Hidden And Who Care Nothing For The Rest Of Humanity So When Julia Accidentally Disrupts The Jaynes Delicate Anonymity, She S Banished To The One Place Meant To Make Her Feel Inferior Public High School Julia S Goal Is To Lay Low And Blend In Then She Meets Him John Ford, Tennis Prodigy, All Around Good Guy When Julia Discovers A Knack For Reading His Mind, And Also Manipulating His Life, School Suddenly Becomes A Temporary Escape From The Cold Grip Of Her Manipulative Father But As Julia S Powers Over John Grow, So Do Her Feelings For The First Time In Her Life, Julia Begins To Develop A Sense Of Self, To Question Her Restrictive Upbringing And Her Family Prejudices She Must Decide Can A Perfect Love Be Worth Than A Perfect Life

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    See this review and like it on www.bookbastion.net ___________Marketing itself as a YA SFF, the synopsis for Select promises genetically enhanced humans with unnatural abilities, elite societies and a strong female character who actively works to subvert her upbringing and create her own destiny Sounds great, right Unfortunately, Select barely lives up to its premise, casting aside all of that interesting stuff that drew me to it in favor of a plodding and poorly developed romance that I just couldn t get into Fans of Contemporary Romance might actually find something to appreciate in this book, but as I m not a fan and really came for the SFF elements, I was sorely let down Allow me to break it down THE SCI FI What is Julia and her group, exactly I read this entire thing and I still don t have half a clue You d think that a first person narrative would allow this sort of information to be conveyed clearly and concisely early on so that I wasn t scratching my head for half the book Are they evolved humans Aliens Magical creatures Who knows All that was clear before 50% wa...

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    Reviewed By Beckie Bookworm 1 2 StarsSelect was such a delightful read I was so happy to have wished for this on NetGalley and to have that wish granted was fabulous.So Select is the first book in a new Young Adult paranormal series.It revolves around Julia Jaynes who Comes from a race of highly evolved humans,This group hide in plain sight amongst the general populace who they refer to as outsiders.Julia seems to have it all, The perfect family and lifestyle at least this is what it appears outwardly to others.After an incident that gets this elite family group noticed Jayne is made an example of and sent to the local public high school with the outsiders and ordered to lie low, suppress and also tamp down her emerging extraordinary abilities.Here she re meets John Ford and the two overtime become friendly.Now there is a lot to this Young Adult debut novel than meets the eye, you need to look deeper beneath the layers and unravel the perfect illusion that is Julia s life.Most of the characters that claim to care for our young Julia are toxic to her.Her father Novak is a big old douche, manipulative, cold and cruel but with a strange ability that compels others to gravitate towards him,...

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    Select was a wish come true for me , not only because my wish for an advanced copy was granted on NetGalley , but also because I was growing tired of shallow YA novels and I needed something to renew my faith in this genre Select is exactly was I was looking for the perfect combination between sci fi and YA literature What makes this novel really outstanding is that even if you removed the sci fi part, it would still be a very interesting book to read on real life situations which many young adults can relate to.We are all special in one way or another, Julia Jaynes is special in many ways However, the things that make her an appealing character are not her unusual abilities but her human flaws She longs for being part of a loving family instead of an isolated member of an apparently perfect one.She longs for love and for friendship John Ford is her wish come true, a strong male character who loves her the way she truly is With John she learns that there is a world of possibilities away from her life in a golden cage They both feel strongly attracted to each other but it is not insta love but something deeper that has to do wi...

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    5 Conditional StarsI really loved this plot It s a little bit spooky The tension runs high and I was always worried something horrible was going to happen.The blurb is spot on It basically summarizes the plot I think the only thing it doesn t cover is how difficult it is for Julia and her people to be out in public They have to be constantly on guard holding back their natural abilities so that they don t end up on the wrong end of a microscope Going to public school is, in fact, a very difficult thing for her to do.I desperately wanted Julia to think and be smart and SEE what was going on around her But I completely understood her point of view Given her age and her sheltered existence, breaking out of a particular mindset was extremely difficult.Everything was difficult for Julia Her family dynamics, her frienships, even her self doubt had her tiptoeing on eggshells through life.Yes...

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    Second time read First time review Select was interesting I feel like I liked it a heck of lot the first time I read it. but since I never actually wrote a review back in April I felt like I should dive back into it beforehand So like I said earlier. it was interesting enough to keep me turning the pages BUT I did also find myself getting bored with it.The characters were just okay I did like Julia and John together though and I really hope that their characters grow a lot in the next book Liv, Julia s half sister, was an okay kind of character but there were definitely times where she kind of rubbed the wrong way I completely hated their parents Victoria and Novak They just felt so creepy and I didn t really feel the love between them.Besides the whole creepy family dynamic, I guess this book sort of had a love triangle Angus Liv Julia because Julia had a crush on Angus for like EVER. yet Angus and Liv dated Then John came into the picture and everything was good for Julia Well, until things sort of hit the fan Liv and Angus broke up and he got jealous that Julia was with John In the end, I didn t like that little shit...

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    This could have been an entertaining novel, but too many things went wrong for me One, the storytelling made this so boring There were a lot of descriptive paragraphs that did nothing for the story or the character development Many times I wanted to yell, who cares Action scenes didn t feel like action Two, I felt nothing emotion...

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    I really enjoyed this book and really hope it s a series with that dun dun duuuun cliffhanger.The book, and its characters, opened up like an onion It would appear slow, but it was written with the slight paranoia ...

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    Eh it was a good book but not with the anticipated hype I had for it I will read the second book though, since I want to know what will happen.

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