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  • Paperback
  • 212 pages
  • The Billionaire's Assistant
  • Rose Francis
  • English
  • 28 April 2019
  • 9781535194945

10 thoughts on “The Billionaire's Assistant

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    I have to say when I first started reading this book I was like Oh man it s gonna be the typical poor girl, rich guy thing But I was actually surprised by how much I enjoyed reading this Kevin is determined to get his father s attention, even if it means giving up his personal life to make a name for himself in the business world But Kevin has a big heart and a soft spot for a damsel in distress, and the woman who just ran into him and cussed at him has eyes so full of pain he can t help but want to help her Naomi can t seem to catch a break Growing up in foster care has made Naomi build up barriers and forced her into a life of struggle and living paycheck to paycheck After being fired, the job offer from the handsome rich man seems to be too suspicious But Naomi is in need of some help any way she can get it I was kind of annoyed h...

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    The Billionaire s assistant by Rose Francis Talk about a wonderful story I just loved Naomi Here she was one that when she was younger had been in a group home She had been separated from her sister at an early age and the only one she was really close to was her friend Jenna Though in this book I had to wonder how good of friend Jenna really was Jenna was a wild one and do to Jeanna s wild ways it was putting Naomi s life in danger I can not image being fired after almost being raped the night before Naomi was really having a bad day Her life was falling apart and it seemed she had no one she could really turn to Jenna would just want Naomi to do things she did not want to stoop to doing Kevin was this handsome billionaire I think fate kind of send Kevin s cousin his way to put him on the right tract Kevin taking his cousin s advise ran into a girl that really neede...

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    This is about a young woman who has had a very difficult life Her personal life interferes with her work and she loses another job Lucky for her, she runs into a man that can provide not only work but the love she has been missing He knows he wants her as soon as they meet He is willing to make up a job for her at his home so he can be around her While he is very attracted to her, he wants than just sex He wants to give her the life she has ...

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    So sweetI enjoyed this book so much I read it in one setting I felt Kevin was savvy enough to run an empire so he couldn t possibly be knocked off his feet by a by a common girl from a coffee shop, but the author was great at making thing...

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    GoodThis story is about a young woman Naomi who gets fired from her job and bumps into billionaire Kevin What Naomi doesn t realize is her life is about to change I m not going to give out the spoiler however, I recommend reading this bookyou won t be disappointed.

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    I m rather disappointed with this book I wanted to like it but I almost stopped reading it twice But when I realized that I was close to half way through it already, I decided that I might as well finish it.This story was mainly just told to you as a reader instead of having the dialog necessary to feel like you are there, that you re a part of the story There is one part in particular that I thought could have made for an exciting twist in the story and NOTHING Yes, the author added the twist, which I ll be honest, I didn t see coming and got all excited to see what would happen But pretty much nothing happened Let me explain.So, you have Naomi and she s hoping one day she finds her sister who was adopted when they were young and Naomi wasn t She hasn t seen or heard from her sister since After she s offered a job by billionaire businessman Kevin, she gets a message from her sister through Facebook She s all excited to reconnect with Tyra aka Alyssa that Naomi tells her about her life, her new job, etc One day Naomi up and leaves Kevin s house without telling him where she s going not that she had to tell him though, but Kevin was expecting to see her at breakfast and she never showed She left a note behind telling him that there is something she ne...

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    This book was good, but it lacked something Naomi is a sweet girljust can not get it together.angThe a stranger which happens to be a billionaire and kind of seems wants to save her and justfor some reason give her a job And they fall in love.

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    Good readThis is an enjoyable book Like a rags to riches story I love this kind of story that lets your imagination leave the real world everyday life.

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    Pretty good read Kevin is filthy rich, sexy smart Naomi is naive just trying to make it He sweeps her off her feet and they have quickly fall into a relationship I think she feels neglected and lonely because of her upbringing Kevin is very patient w...

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    It was such a weird story which for the most part didn t make alot of sense Not quite my cup of tea but the good thing was it wasn t instant sex they did get to know each other before the got down to it.

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The Billionaire's AssistantReading The Billionaire S Assistant Rose Francis Bandcamptomp3.co.uk Stressed Naomi Is Having One Of Those Murphy S Law Kind Of Days Everything That Can Go Wrong Is Going Horribly Wrong Traumatized By Events From The Night Before, She Ends Up Distracted At Work To The Point That It Gets Her Fired Her Continued Distraction Leads To Catastrophe As She Almost Smashes Into A Stranger As She Hurries Away Or Is It A Blessing In Disguise Noticing Her Distress, The Handsome, Wealthy Looking Stranger Offers Her An Attractive Solution To Her Immediate Needs Work For Him As His Personal Assistant No Catch Ha She Doesn T Believe Him, But Her Desperation Makes Her Accept, And It Isn T Long Before She Suspects He Wants A Whole Lot From Her Than Getting His Coffee She Has Been Saving Herself, But Can She Resist The Hunk Who Saved Her A Standalone Romance Novella No Cliffhangers And A Happy Ending

About the Author: Rose Francis

Rose writes contemporary interracial romance mostly BWWM Her stories star white collar heroes as well as billionaires, and the women of color who fall in love with them Some are on the sweet side, and some are on the steamy side.For white collar heroes, check out the Sweet Redemption Holiday Hunks series.For Cinderella type billionaire love stories, check out The Billionaire s Desire, Th