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    Sigh not a good sigh Unfortunately, I was not in the group of liking what happened Overall, the story was interesting It would have been nice to see what each shifter group did for the Councel top secret missions I also would have liked to know whether the shifter populations interacted with the human world, in a supernatural way, and whether Fate schemed in that world too I wanted to know about what The Phoenix will do to fight Fate view spoiler There were so many clues that pointed to THE GUY and I could even feel the connection that they had I felt that the author originally was going to go with one person and then last minute chose another that didn t make sense to me because of a brotherly relationship feel The story could have gone in an entirely different direction and it felt like there were last minute changes If Destiny was the one to decide for Star, then why did the creator jump in Star could have challenged Des...

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    Whose path will she choose. her own, Fate s or Destiny s The Phoenix is the last of the series and doesn t disappoint The characters and storyline flowed, for me, from book 1 The Loner through to this 4th, and I presume, last onehowever, partial spoiler maybe , the end...

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    I really enjoyed this series It was a little slow moving in the very beginning, but worth it Once it got going I didn t want to put it down I especially liked that the passionate scenes didn t get super hot and heavy, although a few might be too much for some young t...

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    AwwI feel bad for Darek made me all said both are good but sucked I m glad she was happy but strange is she had the vision with darek and Leah so I was shock when it was reeah as her partner.

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    So goodThis book was the best in the series oh and was so good I want everyone to read this series I didn t think would liken it but the best I have read in long time

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    Great seriesI loved the characters, storyline kept me busy I will say some things confused me at times but made sense in the end.

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    Definitely readI was so happy when I saw this book available Star had many obstacles to get through and still choose her destined This is a great YA book I hope you read it and I hope the story continues.

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    K.R Grace, you are an absolute rockstar I am so glad I came across The Loner, because it introduced me to a world I absolutely love The entire concept behind Star s story was amazing, I mean coming up with the idea of having a book dedicated to each suitor was pure genius This series is definitely in my top ten The Phoenix was so much than I hoped it would be, and that s saying a lot, because I had super high expectations The pace of the story was absolutely perfect Things were happening quickly, yet slowly at the same time, which made for some extreme anticipation building At one point I just decided I couldn t stop until I finished the book, I was that into it The built up anticipation and suspense really got to me There were so many twists that I think my face may have froze in a position of shock for a while Don t worry, it wasn t permanent Eventually my...

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    I was hooked since book one and was anxiously waiting for this the 4th book and what will happen with my lovely characters, and now that the wait is over I m blown away about what I just read.At first I was a little mad in a good way about how the story went, I didn t expect it or maybe I knew it will happen that way I don t know I still ...

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    Good readLoved the series I hope you decide to do books and tell us what happens with the others I admit I cried when her destined was revealed, he wasn t who I hoped but I was happy at the end.

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The Phoenix (Daughters of Destiny #4) Reading The Phoenix Daughters Of Destiny 4 K.R Grace Capitalsoftworks.co.uk Star Allistar I Always Felt Out Of Step With Everyone Else I Never Dreamt It Was Because I Was Some Sort Of Mythological Freak My Whole World Has Been Flipped Around With Drake S Return, Brighton S Aloofness, And My Phoenix Thing Going On, But Instead Of Having Time To Adjust To The Latest Developments In What Has Become The Saga That Is My Life I Have To Save The World Once Again Only This Time, I Have To Save It From Me.