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Objectified EPUB Objectified Author Jo Tannah Jobs In Kingston.co.uk The First Time Billionaire Paul Howell Laid Eyes On Arjan Kerchner He Knew He D Been Caught Paul Never Expected To Fall Head Over Heels In Love With A Man He D Only Just Met, But If There Was One Thing He Never Questioned It Was His Instincts.Arjan Was Well Aware Of His Perfect Face And Body But He D Turned His Back On Modeling To Pursue His Dreams Of Becoming A Pharmaceutical Chemist Arjan Never Expected A Stranger In A Bar To Buy Him A Bottle Of Water, Nor To Be Courted By One Of The Richest Men In The World The Very Next Day.It Could Have All Been Fun And Romantic, But For A Stalker Who Refused To Accept That Arjan Was Not A Possession.Being In A Relationship With A Billionaire Can Be Nice But Restrictive, Especially When There Are Bodyguards Around Will Arjan Learn To Live With The Choices He Makes So He Can Be With Paul, Or Will The Stalker Put A Violent End To What Is Beginning To Look Like A Romance Made In Heaven

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    Oh man, I don t like to be the first of my friends or anyone to review a book Especially when I didn t think it was very good I d give this one 2.5 stars And if anyone uses the word babe around me anytime in the near future, I might just lose my shit I m not going to go off on some rant about all these awful things but I will say the book just didn t work for me It read like someone s first attempt at writing, kind of clunky and weird I can t describe it Hopefully someone else will be able to ex...

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    I was quite enthralled Techie billionaire meets and romances a supermodel turned chemistry professor I only took off a star because it s sooo much harder to be rich and too beautiful than to be poor ugly and stupid rolls eyes But I d rather read about the rich and beautiful I guess Cinde...

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    2.5 out of 5 starsPaul and Arjan didn t really bring me into their story like I would like There wasn t a real draw for me and though I finished reading, I don t have any quotes or highlights like I normally get while reading.

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    Started this last December, read it on and off, made it to 50 percent It couldn t hold my interest, so we ve parted ways Not terrible just boring no rating.

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