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Blood and Treasure PDF Blood And Treasure By Ray Chilensky In 2108 The First Sovereignty War Is In Its Final Stage The World Central Authority Has Disintegrated After The Destruction Of Its European Command Centers At The Hands Of The Six Allied F.I.R.E Teams American Led Allied Armies Are Marching Across Western Europe Bringing Sovereignty And Self Determination Back To Formerly Enslaved Nations While The Pan Asian Homogeny Watches The Fighting And Waits For The Allies And Europeans To Slaughter Each Other, The Corporate Consortium Profits By Financing All Sides With The Planet Already Devastated By Fourteen Years Of Global War, A Cabal Of Scientists Plans To Enslave A Remnant Of Mankind In A Utopian Oligarchy After Unleashing A Plague That Would Kill Most Of The World S Population Without Official Sanction, F.I.R.E Team Alpha Is Sent Into The Corporate Exclusion Zone In Frankfurt, Germany To Stop The Scientist S Plot The Team Becomes Entangled In A Web Of Deceit, Conflicting Political Agendas, And Genocidal Eugenics Operating Without Outside Support, And Able To Trust Only In One Another, The Operators Of F.I.R.E Team Alpha Must Not Only Accomplish Their Mission, But Also Discover What Forces In Their Own Government Are Working Against Them.

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    A good second bookJust as good as the first book was I enjoyed reading this book The characters and plot are interesting and kept me entertained The only down side is the constant editing errors They detract from a smooth and ...

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