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    This Afghani novella of only 81 pages is one of the most poignant, moving pieces I ve ever read Upon finishing it, I closed the book and took a long pause to get my breath back this simple story of a grandfather, Dastaguir, and his little grandson, Yassin, broke my heart Written in stark, spare prose with no wasted words, this tragic story encapsulates the whole broken war torn land of Afghanistan through two peasants During the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, a grandfather and grandson, the only survivors from their bombed out village, make a journey to see the boy s father, who is a coal miner in another location The little boy has been deafened by the loud noise of bombs From time to time Dastaguir remembers his family and the day of the bombing He daydreams about family or himself as a child or naps, having strange dreams as the truck carries him to the mine We read his interior monologues what will he say to his son about the attack and his family Dastaguir and Yassin are vivid characters, as well as others a shopkeeper, a guard, a truck driver The author painted a masterful picture using few uncomplicated words I could see everything before me on every page For some reason the author s device of using an omniscient narrator talking to Dastaguir casting the story in second person was very effective References to th...

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    Book 1 197 Countries and this read was one of my most anticipated Atiq Rahimi books Hopefully, many to come The bitterness pervading the novel tears any reader up

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    Vivamente consigliato da Dominga, l ho trovato oggi, per puro caso, in biblioteca e, vista la brevit , l ho preso, come lettura di fine anno.Il libro rappresenta lo spaccato di una realt molto cruda, quella della devastazione bellica in Afghanistan durante l occupazione russa Rappresenta soprattutto il dolore, in questo caso concentrato in un vecchio, che questa devastazione ha portato.Dalla quarta di copertina Il rombo della guerra ha divorato i suoni e le voci Un vecchio e un bambino nella polvere, aspettando, su una strada dell Afghanistan Ed ancora un libro straordinario secco, allucinato, tragico, desolato, ineluttabile Un grido senza voce al di l della disperazione, una pugnalata per squarciare l indifferenza e l oblio Ma mi ha fatto pi tenerezza la condizione del bimbo, Yass n E un gio...