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Shakespeare's Storybook: Folk Tales That Inspired the Bard PDF Epub Shakespeare S Storybook Folk Tales That Inspired The Bard By P.E Ryan Capitalsoftworks.co.uk Did You Know That Shakespeare Took Inspiration For Many Of His Plays From Folk Tales, Ballads, And Fairy Tales In This Stunning Collection, Professional Storyteller Patrick Ryan Has Brought Together The Traditional Stories That Are At The Heart Of Seven Of Shakespeare S Masterpieces, Including Romeo And Juliet, Hamlet, And King Lear Whether You Are Acquainted With Shakespeare S Plays, Or You Are A Young Reader Eager To Enjoy His Work, These Lively, Action Packed Adventures Will Thoroughly Engross You James Mayhew S Rich, Detailed Illustrations Contribute To The Color And The Drama Of The Tales, In Which Chance, Fortune And A Touch Of Magic Intertwine To Mold Lives And Shape Destinies.

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    3.5How sweet and interesting Very simple, but quite fun to read, and if you are a fan of Shakespeare and want something that will be easy to read, I recommend It was so cool to see where all the roots of his stories came from And the illustrations are a really pretty touch.

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    Barefoot Books rarely disappoint me and they certainly have not here I love it when the introduction is written to the intended reader, to the child herself, rather than to the parent that is presumably responsible for causing the child to open the book That is how this book opens, as it should be Most excitingly, each short story has it s own introduction, also written to the child I was afraid the tales would be too abstractly related to the Shakespearean ones, but no, the connections are obvious and exciting The color illustrations are delightful but not overwhelming the folk tales are retold as charmingly Read this with your kids as soon as you introduce Shakespeare The read...

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    Beautifully written and illustrated I never knew that King Lear is related to Cinderella, that As You Like It is related to Snow White, and that Winter s Tale is related to Sleeping Beauty Whi...

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    This was so interesting Holy cow I never knew that there were stories that inspired Shakespeare Yes, I am one of those naive people who thought that Shakespeare came up with all of the stories for his plays Now, I still think Shakespeare is brilliant for all of his writings, but wow his stories were NOT completely original I would have never known that there was a story about a Romeus and a Julietta w...

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    This is a fascinating collection of stories that shows the inspiration for some of Shakespeare s classic tales The background information is a bit lengthy and our girls lost interest quickly, so I read most of the introductions silently I gave our girls a brief summary of the introduction of each story, so they could get the gist of the story s historical roots a...

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    I ve been working on a theatre project with Sweetline Theatre Company, teaching actors storytelling techniques, and getting them thinking about the folktales and mythology behind some of Shakespeare s work This was a fa...

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    I liked that Shakespeare s plays are simplified in this version It isn t quite child appropriate but I think it would be better for older students in a Shakespeare unit This would be a great Segway into the real plays This would help the students g...

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    The three stories on this audio were little folktales, and relating to other tales I heard growing up.

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    Listened to this with my kids just before visiting Stratford upon Avon I thought it was fun to hear the stories My kids loved it too.

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