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Honored Vow (Change of Heart Book 3) BOOKS Honored Vow Change Of Heart Book 3 Author Mary Calmes Jwdfitness.co.uk Sequel To Trusted BondChange Of Heart Book Three Jin Rayne Is Still Growing Into His Frightening New Powers As A Nekhene Cat And His Place As Reah Of Logan Church S Tribe When He Learns That A Sepat, An Honor Challenge, Has Been Called Logan, Who Has Never Wanted To Do Anything But Lead His Small Town Tribe, Must Travel Around The World To Mongolia And Fight To Become The Most Powerful Leader In The Werepanther World.Logan Won T Be The Only One Making The Journey As His Mate, Jin Must Fight With Him To Honor His Commitment To Logan, His Culture, And His Tribe But The Trial Is Long, Involving A Prolonged Separation Between The Two Men, And Logan S Humanity Is At Stake In Order To Make It Through The Nightmarish Sepat, Jin And Logan Must Accept Their Fates, Trust Each Other, And Honor The Vows Between Them No Matter The Cost.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 290 pages
  • Honored Vow (Change of Heart Book 3)
  • Mary Calmes
  • English
  • 23 July 2019

About the Author: Mary Calmes

Mary Calmes believes in romance, happily ever afters, and the faith it takes for her characters to get there She bleeds coffee, thinks chocolate should be its own food group, and currently lives in Kentucky with a five pound furry ninja that protects her from baby birds, spiders and the neighbor s dogs To stay up to date on her ponderings and pandemonium as well as the adventures of the ninja

10 thoughts on “Honored Vow (Change of Heart Book 3)

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    When it comes to Mary Calmes, you just gotta say Fuck it and go with it.I like this series Sure, all the werepanther laws and rules and shit make no fucking sense and nobody knows them except for Jin unless it s convenient to the plot, even tho they all live and die by these rules so you d think everyone in the werepanther world would learn them Anyway, it doesn t matter It s MC so I just go with it and enjoy the ridiculous entertainment and the hot, lubeless, fl...

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    4 Stars Wow This is some serious shit here If you thought Trusted Bond was out of its mind, this is beyond rational sense because for sure, this ain t your momma s shifter book.Calmes has created something unique, never slowing the pace, never apologizing for the horrific stuff she puts Jin and Logan through She s making a point, making everyone see the truth of this world she has created, and making them notice the absolute, antiquated absurdity of their culture Convoluted and frustrating, compelling and exciting too Jin and Logan realize what being true mates is, what they have to gain and lose, what they are and can be, what is undeniable, unquestionable, and impossible to destroy Their love. Special and above all others.So if you re ok with an over the top, violent, brutal love story that tests the two MC s to the max for really no reason at all , then this is for you high five I ll be honest I didn t expect to be sucked into this like I did My expectations we...

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    The previous two books Change of Heart and Trusted Bond held the promise of This the third book is that.Yes it s crazy and completely OTT but it made for a fabulous nonstop read It s cruel and brutal in places so you have been warned One thing I discovered is that the previous books while disappointing on some levels had made me fall in love with all these characters And everything together made this book work.But I didn t love it all.I didn t like that Jin and Logan spent so much time apart But that s something this author does I didn t like it when she did it with Sam and Jory and I really didn t like it when she did it with Ian and Milo either.When I think about it there s a lot I ...

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    First off, let me start by saying I really liked the first book Loved it even In the second book, there were character and plot issues that annoyed me, felt overdone, but I was okay with because she seemed to set up nicely for a third book In addition, I always try to find a positive in anything I read, and I really tried for this book But, boy was I wrong.I got this book the day it came out, excited about where the story would be going and who she would decide to write about next By the first chapter in I was already struggling, and I know I won t be continuing with this series Mary Calmes basically decided to ignore basically everything she set up in the previous two books She tore Jin s character apart so much that I hated him by the time was over and it felt like this book was written so she could set up a book for Domin, and that s honestly how I feel She couldn t see a way to make a book work for Domin and Koren under Logan and Jin so this book happened.If she hadn t set up the first and second book the way she did, I might ha...

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    That ending A big fucking no I am not happy with the view spoiler family splitting hide spoiler

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    Jin Church Loved to FUCK out of this book On to book 4 Thanks Sara and Jenni Lea

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    Hmm, my least favorite of the series so far I was still totally engrossed in the story til the end, but I can t say this book made me very happy or relaxed.There were quite a few things that bothered me in this For one I got whiplash from all the almost romances Just when I thought Domin and Koren would become a couple, they broke up again and now Domin is with someone else entirely The same with Crane I was happy to see he would finally fall in love only to have them separated at the end.What also bothered me was how everyone perceived Jin in this installment Almost everyone was angry with him at some point And I don t mean just the bad guys, no, the good guys too I didn t like that.And then the time Jin and Logan spent apart in this it was nerve wracking I know they eventually were allowed to see each other again, but by that time there had been so many deaths and so much blood that I was a huge mess.And the end I didn ...

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    2.5 stars I m sorry to say this because as much as I appreciate the world Mary Calmes has created for this series, it was just too much for me At one point I just stopped paying attention and just let the words run through my mind Listening to it, there were too many characters with foreign names and too many terms set in this world that I would have needed a spreadsheet to keep them all straight in my head The amount of information was just too much for me to remember it all and the infodum...

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    I can honestly say that the Change Of Heart series has just got better and better as its progressed This one started with a shock horror moment that not only had my heart pumping but almost broke it in two Then when I had just come down from that heart stopping moment I was immediately sent head first without a safety helmet into a story filled with delicious intrigues, deception, treachery and twists and turns that had me glued to every intense minute of it OMG My heart took beating after beating as the conflicts and drama just kept on coming Its never been an easy ride for Jin and Logan and this book was no exception, the trials they go through as they battle the evil SOB Ammon are EXTREMELY violent but so exciting I had palpitations all the way through There were some really cool surprises too as Mary Calmes took certain preconceptions I had about the story and blew them right out of the window, taking it in directions I actually loved but never expected Crane, Domin and Yuri in particular Clever stuff Jins ongoing transition into nekhene cat and the fall out from it were also part of what made his and Logan s journey such an awesome tale Always the trouble magnet, whenever they were apart the drama intensified and highlighted just how true and passionate the mate bond and love was between them Sometimes exasperating and at times teeth grinding but always gripping I ve j...

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    I didn t like this This was just too barbaric and brutal It really pushed the edge of what I could handle, and normally, a Shifter book I can deal with a lot violence then in a regular book view spoiler Was this all because someone wanted this The Priest He wanted a new leader He wanted Logan So, because he wanted this he just told people they had to come, randomly picked them and they had no choice but to participate in this horribly bloody and torturous game Am I getting this right Mates tortured and killed by their OWN mate because they are crazed and don t recognize them Being whipped to inches of death for not answering fast enough or getting questions wrong Entire Tribes being destroyed for not winning a fight or a challenge Being separated from who you love, your family and forced out of humanity and this is ok and normal I don t know All...

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