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Interzone 265, July-August 2016 (Interzone, #265) Ebook Interzone 265, July August 2016 Interzone, 265 By Andy Cox Bystricepodhostynem.eu The July August Issue Of Britain S Longest Running Science Fiction And Fantasy Magazine Contains New Stories By John Schoffstall, Dan Reade, Suzanne Palmer, Ken Hinckley, Andrew Kozma, And Robert Reed The 2016 Cover Artist Is Vincent Sammy, And Interior Colour Illustrations Are By Richard Wagner, Martin Hanford, Dave Senecal, And Warwick Fraser Coombe Features Editorial By Jo L Walton Ansible Link By David Langford News And Obits Mutant Popcorn By Nick Lowe Film Reviews Laser Fodder By Tony Lee DVD Blu Ray Reviews Book Zone Book Reviews, Including An Interview With Lisa Tuttle Jonathan McCalmont S Future Interrupted Comment Nina Allan S Time Pieces Comment Cover Art If That S The Way That It Is By Vincent Sammy Fiction All Your Cities I Will Burn By John Schoffstall Illustrated By Martin Hanford The Eye Of Job By Dan Reade Illustrated By Richard Wagner Belong By Suzanne Palmer On The Techno Erotic Potential Of Donald Trump Under Conditions Of Partially Induced Psychosis By Ken Hinckley Illustrated By Dave Senecal The Inside Out By Andrew Kozma Illustrated By Warwick Fraser Coombe A Man Of Modest Means By Robert Reed Features Editorial Jo L Walton Future Interrupted Jonathan McCalmont Time Pieces Nina Allan Ansible Link David Langford Reviews Book Zone Lisa Tuttle Interviewed By Juliet E McKenna, Plus Books By Kabuki Takano, Guy Gabriel Kay Michael Swanwick, Paul McAuley, Sofia Samata, Salman Rushdie, James Lovegrove, M Suddain And Others Mutant Popcorn Nick Lowe Cinema Releases Reviewed Include Gods Of Egypt, X Men Apocalypse, Captain America Civil War, Alice Through The Looking Glass, Warcraft The Beginning, Angry Birds, Ratchet Clank, Independence Day Resurgence, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Out Of The Shadows, When Marnie Was There, Tale Of Tales Laser Fodder Tony Lee DVDs And Blu Rays Reviewed Include The 5th Wave, The Call Up, Enemy Mine

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    A less than average issue of Interzone with an interesting kaiju story at the start by John Schoffstall and an initially contemporary sounding piece by Robert Reed at the end that turns fascinating once you realise the characters in it aren t quite what they seem to be If you want to avoid Donald Trump like the plague, then skip the Trump related story in this issue by Ken Hinckley All Your Cities I Will Burn by John Schoffstall in a future where Kaiju like beasts are roaming the world and devastating the landscape, one biologist falls in with a ragtag platoon who claims to have a weapon to defeat on of the beasts In the end, the biologist may have no choice but to rejoin a group who are developing yet another way to defeat them but which may also mean the end of mankind as we know it The Eye of Job by Dan Reade a psychologist evaluates pilots who fly around a mysterious object that appeared on Earth and has done nothing He hears many ideas by people around him about what the object is for, but he has his own idea which, when implemented, may turn out to be right or wrong Belong by Suzanne Palmer a colonist is preparing for her final act, when she will do all she can for her corporation and repel colonists from other corporations But one previous action by her would determine whether she belongs, body and soul, to the corporatio...

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