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Batman: Night of the Monster Men The First Crossover Of The Rebirth Era Is Here As A Huge Storm Approaches Gotham City, Batman, Batwoman And Nightwing Try And Prepare For The Worst, But Nothing Can Prepare Them For Enormous Monsters Rampaging Through The Streets Batman Will Need All Of His Allies To Unite In Order To Stop These Mad Science Monsters From Tearing Their City Apart Will The Dark Knight, Batwoman, Nightwing, Robin, Spoiler, Orphan And Clayface Be Enough And Who Is The Mastermind Behind It All Collects BATMAN , NIGHTWING And DETECTIVE COMICS

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    For me, DC s Rebirth has been a disappointing parade of astonishingly low quality comics except for Tom King s Batman which was surprisingly decent So I was actually looking forward to Night of the Monster Men, the first Rebirth crossover book, thinking King was writing it And then I saw the credits page Plotted by Tom King Tim Seeley James Tynion IV Script by Steve Orlando and my heart sank Steve fucking Orlando You know what Orlando s Midnighter book was I m a gay superhero and that s it You know what Orlando s indie book Virgil was I m a gay action hero and that s it I get it dude, you re a gay writer who wants to write gay comics, and I m all for that but can you at least make them readable His Monster Men isn t We re Monster Men and we re FAAAABULOUUUSSSS although that probably would ve been an improvement but it is mega mega boring Dr Hugo Strange who s suddenly jacked for no reason decides to make Godzilla sized monsters to rampage across Gotham Why Stupid reasons Ugh Batman and the Bat family fight them Guess who wins Ugh again What a fucking useless book The story is so immensely dull because it s static for a lot of the book Batman rides around on his Batcycle most of the time, Clayface is directing people around Gotham I still don t buy why he s suddenly a good guy either , Spoiler and Orphan are hanging out in a cave Something happens to Nightwing and Gotham Girl see Tom King s first Batman book for her backstory but it gets resolved predictably and easily There s no excitement or tension or anything in this crappy wafer thin story And it shouldn t be this way Batman Bat Family Mad scientist GIANT FUCKING MONSTERS How is it this boring I take it back, Steve Orlando is talented talented at sucking out anything remotely interesting from a narrative Night of the Monster Men is a completely pointless, unentertaining and irrelevant book full of dull action and a meaningless, unmemorable pseudo story Whether or not you re reading Batman, Detective Comics or Nightwing, you can easily ignore this one and I recommend you do without it affecting those titles It s the Rebirth standard unreadable comics Steve Orlando joins Dan Jurgens and Scott Lobdell as the worst writers DC have at the moment.

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    So now we ve decided to just redo old stories How original Batman and the Monster Men has been done than once and much better So Hugo Strange is now a master geneticist in addition to being a psychiatrist And he s created Kaiju out of corpses to run around Gotham What Then Nightwing figures out some nonsense about how the monsters are representative of Batman s psyche There s a ton of psychobabble nonsense in here Batman takes a backseat in this book to Nightwing and Batwoman If you re a fan of watching people being evacuated, this is the book for you because that s what most of the book consists of To add insult to injury, the Justice League shows up to help clean up the aftermath You know when it s time to call in the JL When Godzilla first appears in your city, not after they ve destroyed it All in all, this is the most boring book you ll ever read of the Bat family fighting monsters Received an advance copy from NetGalley and DC in exchange for an honest review.

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    Goodness, this was awful The story is basically crap Giant, poorly explained monsters that are supposed to provide a psychoanalysis of Batman For six issues This might have been bearable in one or two issues, but who really needs Hugo Strange attempting to diagnose and replace Batman Also, there s mind controlling spores, because of course there are The awful, Power Rangers esque Watchtowers is sort of the cherry on the D movie sundae of terrible Maybe if characterization was good, and the dialog was solid, or there was anything like a sense of fun in using so many tropes that are usually associated with delightfully bad SF at once, this would have been a fun and exciting read There were none of those things.

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    You can find my review on my blog by clicking here.You know what I despise the most about these crossover events nowadays It s this tingling feeling that I get every time I jump into them That feeling that screams that one of their biggest intentions isn t to deliver a series wide major event that remains solid both in story and artwork, but a cash grab attempt to get people to check out the other series that they might not be following Night of the Monster Men is a crossover event that has its repercussions felt throughout Detective Comics Rebirth , Nightwing Rebirth and Batman Rebirth runs Being the first crossover event part of the Rebirth era of DC Comics, hope for amelioration in regards of quality was much expected, yet failure was all that rose from this chaos.It was unquestionably scheduled to be spread around Halloween to get people in that childish horror vibe, but it also remains a retelling of the original Matt Wagner story of the Monster Men This crossover event takes place between Batman I am Gotham Volume 1 and Batman I am Suicide Volume 2 , between Detective Comics Rise of the Batmen Volume 1 and Detective Comics The Victim Syndicate Volume 2 , and between Nightwing Better Than Batman Volume 1 and Nightwing Bludhaven Volume 2 Stretching over 6 issues, two from each of these series, Batman Night of the Monster Men brings Batman, his friends and Gotham together in a fight against the supernatural.Most of the script in this story arc has Steve Orlando taking the lead, while writers Tom King, Tim Seeley and James Tynion IV still kept their hands in the game as consultants I don t want to put the whole blame on one writer, but man the writing in this story was just blatantly dry There s nothing in here that warrants an applause and the fact that the key ideas aren t new essentially comes from the original story by Matt Wagner leaves this story absolutely empty of novelty The story focuses on a Gotham rescue mission conducted by our vigilantes in order to save civilians from the wrath of huge monsters unleashed by Hugo Strange The story is told through different POVs, and also has several side horror stories revolving around Orphan Cassandra Cain and Spoiler Stephanie Brown and a cave parasite or around Nightwing and Gotham Girl and their little endeavor to insanity.Throughout the series, a lot of characters were also butchered compared to their first story arcs in their respective series I m especially looking at Batwoman Gotham Girl also continues to be a painful sight, although she has never managed to capture my interest since her introduction in Batman I am Gotham Volume 1 I also felt like the action scenes were a lot static than dynamic in giving characters the chance to be who they really are While these monsters were fun, they were still really childish and innocent For ginormous aberrations that would require sophisticated tactics, these creatures were easily taken care of Another big downside in this crossover event is how Hugo Strange, the main villain who triggers these events, barely gets the opportunity to portray himself and build the tension In fact, they really rushed his motives and made every single moment look atrociously ridiculous How exactly will you convince people about his obsession for Batman through such an exposition The artwork also wavers from acceptable to mediocre throughout the run Maybe if it had some sort of pattern that worked to convey the whole monster vibe better, I would ve enjoyed it better Who am I kidding Even the best artwork couldn t save this story There might have been 1 or 2 issues that had decent style and colouring, otherwise eh I always felt like crossover events that incorporated multiple series together would have a very hard time in maintaining consistency from one issue to another Artwork is no exception.In the end, what really killed this story is the script The dialogues were really void of any strength and conviction It sometimes felt repetitive and other times dwelt too long on the same idea Night of the Monster Men still had potential ideas that could ve been executed in a much better way These ideas basically came from the original story, but with an opportunity like this to retell the original tale at a much modern day, it s very sad that they couldn t draw up something better.Yours truly,Lashaan Blogger and Book ReviewerOfficial blog

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    OkayyeahokaySo this isn t horrible idea But the execution could have been so much better We have Hugo basically creating monsters around the city Batman and friends have to stop this beast After the death of you know who Batman is on the edge He doesn t want any of his people getting involved in this Of course Dick and Batwomen like Bitch please we do what we want brah and Batman all like NOOOOO That s my biggest issue Batman seems so out of character and almost useless here It s really thanks to Nightwing and Batwomen that anything gets done Also they underutilized Spoiler and Batgir I mean Orphan So that fucking sucked The art is fine, and there s some enjoyable big monster take down moments, but overall it s just not all that great Maybe next time the crossover could have a Batman that actually reacts like BATMAN You know, like when Damien died That was amazing.

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    6 issues too long, this could of been a 6 page back up story.

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    Okay so who the fuck thought this was a good idea What s it about In a crossover event yay, every comic fan s favorite a bad storm is coming to Gotham The Bat family well, most of it there are a few Bat family characters that aren t here is trying to help the people of Gotham escape the storm Should be fairly simple until a villain has a bunch of monsters he created show up.Pros Most of the art is pretty well done and makes the book pop.There is no denying that this book has a lot of intense action throughout.Cons The story is dumb At the beginning of it a bunch of characters meet Batman on a rooftop and are all Batman, you can t fight weather and Batman basically goes Fuck you, I m gonna fight weather as he s all sad because view spoiler Red Robin hide spoiler

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    This is hell isn t it Gotham citizen discussing the book he is in.This may not be the worst book I have ever read I only say May because I fear recency bias might play a factor hear It is undoubtedly trash Nearly every five pages bring you something new to insult even the most modest of intelligences The general plot is that the bat friends have to defeat the poorly named monster men The monster men are really just kaiju Both batman and Godzilla have their place, but mixing the too is like introducing a rat poison flavored soda Some guy named Dr Strange but not the likeable one borrowed some magic science chemical from a guy named Bane It turns dead people into sky scraper tall monsters, again with science magic I won t spoil anything , but I will make a list of some of the most egregious crimes committed by the writers.Batman wears clay face like a suit of armor to some advantage.Bat woman riding a falling monster 60 stories to the ground, but not being hurt because said monster landed on a magic cure needle.Flying motorcyclesNaked weightlifting Villain sitting on a throne of books, but since the artist, or writer, or both don t know anything about psychology, they are mostly just called psychology Batman building holograms into all of gotham s street lightsBatman building buildings that are really giant battle stations.Oxygen being cut off to a room, but it expiring after a few minutes.Hugo s stupid suit ideaEvil cave moss that makes people evil, but never touches any one from the bat friends.Repeated mention of clayface being spread too thin, but with no pay off The name psycho pirate Don t read this book You could take harmonica lessons or wash the underside of your car instead.

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    Wow that was so underwhelming World The art is fine Nothing special The world building was patchy and made no sense But then again it was a kaiju story and needed to make no sense However using Strange the way this event did was a waste Story Boring and pointless and not well done I don t mind a over the top kaiju fest but there was just so many plot holes and points in the story I can go on at length of how inconsequential this book is but I can t be bothered Characters Meh No one had any arcs and no significant event occurs Pointless ans forgetful People have already forgotten it Zzz Onward to the next book read individual issues

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    I received this from Edelweiss and DC Comics in exchange for an honest review This was intense Loved it

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