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Chances Are PDF Epub Chances Are By Wendy Lou Jones Capitalsoftworks.co.uk A Deeply Emotional Love Story From The Author Of By My Side.Luke Is The Man With The Money, The Fast Car And The Hot Woman There S No Way He Would Even Think About Getting Serious, But A Face He Can T Remember Soon Threatens His Calm Rebecca Isn T Interested In A Relationship, And Definitely Not With Him How Could She, After All He Put Her Through She S Spent The Last 4 Years Hiding Away From Society, A One Woman Crusade For Children S Road Safety Who Would Have Thought One Fateful Day, It Might Almost Be Her Again As Two Worlds Collide, Will Opposites Attract Not If She Can Help It.

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    Luke has enough money to spend, he s popular with women and he lives in a big house He s used to getting attention and doesn t think about the feelings of others very often That changes when he meets Rebecca Rebecca s unique appearance enchants him and he wants to know about her Even before he has a chance to really get to know her he knows he s falling for her Caring so much about a woman is something he s never experienced before Rebecca has lost her fianc four years ago and ever since she s lived a withdrawn life She s a fighter for safer roads and she stacks shelves at the local supermarket She s left her biggest passion behind and now her main focus is just getting through the days When she meets Luke she isn t ready to spend any time with another man, because it feels like she s betraying the man she was supposed to get married to Luke doesn t give up without a fight though Will Rebecca like him back eventually or is she too damaged to ever love again Chances Are is a beautiful multilayered love story Wendy Lou Jones s novels are always deep and me...

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    Luke has everything he wants right now He s a dentist, he s financially secure and with his good looks he can pretty much get every woman he wants Luke doesn t do serious relationships Sometimes he stays with one woman a little bit longer, but he has never felt the urge to settle down While he s driving with his girlfriend of the moment, he is interested in the woman on the passenger seat than he is in what happens in front of him Because of that he almost causes an accident.Rebecca is standing in the middle of the road She just found out that the house she should have been living in with her husband is sold to a new family Rebecca s heart is filled with sadness and pain She doesn t see the car coming at her and luckily it misses her Rebecca recognizes Luke and doesn t have fond memories of him Four years ago Rebecca and her fianc got into a car accident He didn t survive and Rebecca has been grieving ever since.Rebecca lives in a barn on her parents land Her father turned the barn into a home and she has everything she needs Rebecca s house is filled with memories of the man she lost She gave up her dream for him and now she works nights at the local supermarket Rebecca s also pulled back from havi...

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    A man who has it all money, career, lifestyle and the ability to click his fingers and a woman would come running to him A woman who is afraid of having it all Afraid of putting her heart on the line Afraid of history repeating itself After all, it nearly did repeat itself Rebecca lost the man that she loved, the man that she was supposed to marry and ever since that day she has tried to make the roads a safer place Then one day, along comes Luke, trying to multi task whilst driving and nearly sends Rebecca to the same place as her fianc Is Luke really that arrogant where women are concerned Or is Rebecca too guarded after her past The chances are At first, I disliked Luke with a passion Arrogance in men does not appeal one bit, especially when they think they are the be all and end all He could have caused a terrible accident, yet that woman , Rebecca, is on his mind Seriously Surely you would avoid contact with a person that you nearly put in an unfortunate situation I m not nitpicking at Wendy s writing, definitely not Despite my early opinion of Luke, as the story progressed, my opinions changed for the better Which, if I m honest, was a surprise to me But then there is...

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    My Thoughts I don t really know where to begin other than to start by saying how I became completely engrossed in this story I really became invested in the characters and I loved how both Luke and Rebecca transformed in this story It was interesting to see them grow and evolve just in their different ways I don t think anyone reading this book will like Luke to start with as to put it bluntly he is pretty arrogant Rebecca is stuck in the past and I could certainly understand why However Wendy Lou Jones handled how Rebecca slowly surfaced through her grief brilliantly Loss is a major theme throughout the book but it is handled sensitively and the love story is beautifully written Chances Are tells the story of a sweet and passionate romance.Once I started this book I found it hard to put down and I read quite late into the evening which I don t normally like to do This was because the book grabbed my attention and before I knew it I was totally immersed in ...

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    Luke, a dentist, appears to have it all A good life, nice home, his own dentistry practice and he comes from a privileged background Rebecca, however, feels as though she has lost everything the dreams she had and the person she loved It s that loss that drives her to campaign for road safety, whilst spending the rest of her life hidden away.A near miss and Luke is intrigued by the woman who he has to swerve to avoid Luke doesn t remember Rebecca but she remembers him all too well Is Luke beginning to realise what s missing in his life and can Rebecca come to terms with the change in hers.Luke had me so conflicted With his background and the way he treated Rebecca at school, I first found him arrogant I wanted Rebecca to keep turning him down I admired his persistence and wanted her to say yes I fe...

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    I loved this book, it is a beautiful story.

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