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  • The Princess and the Poison
  • Carol E. Ayer
  • 22 October 2018

10 thoughts on “The Princess and the Poison

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    Too much angstCould not finish the book Could not find a single character that was tolerable Not worth the time Just a painful read.

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    Ashling Cleary owns and manages a storybook theme park where they are to have several plays including Sleeping Beauty When the star dies after getting pricked on the spindle during the show Ashling is determined to solve the case to protect her frien...

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    The blind leading the blindA good enjoyable read The death of the diva actress in her debut performance throws the park into disrepute When her best friend and husband are suspected of murder she decides to put on her big girl pants and investigate The main character has many insecurities and her bumbling attempts to investigate would make Miss Marple cringe ho...

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    Received this as a First Reads Good Reads Book Giveaway Book Winner I appreciated receiving it I really enjoyed reading it and I hope the author continues with this series She left enough room with the various characters and events throughout the book that she could really have some good books and many with this series I really enjoyed reading it There were just very few places that seemed like it was slagging but it didn t stay that way long at all and soon picked back up and took back ...

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    This is a great book this book this the first book in the Storybook Park Mystery series written by Carol Ayer Ashling Cleary is the owner and manager of a storybook theme park in Northern California Ashling hopes things will turn around when she lands the hot Hollywood actress Katrina Irvine to star in the lead of their summer Sleeping Beauty play But when Katrina is murdered right in the middle of a performance Ashling s luck goes from bad to worse And when her best friend becomes the number one suspect, it s up to Ashling to figure out who the true killer is before anyone else comes to a not so fairytale ending in her park This is a great book with a wonderful story and well developed characters This book will keep you reading long into the night If you are looking for a great book, then you need to read this book I am looking forward to reading the next book in this new series.A Review ...

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    Ashling Cleary owns and operates a theme park in northern California called StoryWorld , a storybook park This was a very unique plot which used many storybook names for the various parts of the park Ashling is hosting a summer play series and is surprised that a popular, young actress, Katrina Irvine, volunteers to be involved in the series Unfortunately, Katrina seems interested in complaining and upsetting the entire staff of the park, than performing for the children During a performance, Katrina meets an untimely death and the various park staff are con...

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    I struggled a bit to get through this book, but the ending was very exciting It was fast paced and I couldn t stop reading.I liked Ashling, but she seemed a little depressing, but I still rooted for her Her love interest Scott seemed nice but I would like a bit of him in the next book since he wasn t around much It made it hard to gage him very well.I love the idea of StoryWorld The amusement park that Ashling runs It sounds fun I love fairy tales so it would be my fantasy to work at a place like that I...

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    3.5 stars This mystery is a little unique in the fact that it uses a storybook theme park as the setting I am not a big fan of fairy tales but by the end of the book even I wanted to go visit the park While the killer might be a little predictable, the book still held my interest It s the type of mystery I could see ending up as a Hallmark mystery movie Not the best mystery ever, but enough to be entertaining for a few hours If I had a criticism of the book it was there we...

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    The Princess and the Poison is the first book in the new Storybook Park Mystery seared by Carl E Ayer and it was such a fun book I really enjoyed that it took place at a Storybook amusement park The characters were great The author did a fantastic job describing each character that I felt like I knew them personally This b...

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    This was a pretty good book for a first in the series It rambles in some places and I got tired of the main character eating all of the time and then complaining that she had put on pounds There really was no explanation for that ...

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The Princess and the Poison Reading The Princess And The Poison By Carol E Ayer Vinoschilenos.eu From Debut Author Carol E Ayer Comes An Enchanting New SeriesAshling Cleary, The Owner And Manager Of A Storybook Theme Park In Northern California, Isn T Exactly Leading The Fairy Tale Life She D Always Dreamed Of She S Stress Stuffing Herself Like Jack Sprat S Wife Who Could Eat No Lean, Her Happily Ever After With Her Boyfriend Isn T Going As Expected, And Her Employees Are An Unruly, If Loveable, Bunch Of Teens Ashling Hopes Things Will Turn Around When She Lands The Hot Hollywood Actress Katrina Irvine To Star In The Lead Of Their Summer Sleeping Beauty Play But When Katrina Is Murdered Right In The Middle Of A Performance Ashling S Luck Goes From Bad To Worse And When Her Best Friend Becomes The Number One Suspect, It S Up To Ashling To Figure Out Who The True Killer Is Before Anyone Else Comes To A Not So Fairytale Ending In Her Park You Ll Fall In Love With This Clever And Very Modern Murder Set In The Midst Of A Whimsical Fairytale Theme Park I Wish I Could Visit StoryWorld Gemma Halliday, New York Times Bestselling Mystery Author

About the Author: Carol E. Ayer

Carol Ayer is the author of books and short stories set at storybook parks, the precursors to theme parks.Her other credits include Woman s World, True Story, The Christian Science Monitor, and I Love Cats In addition, several of Carol s works appear in anthologies, including those published by Chicken Soup for the Soul and Silver Boomers.