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Journey Between Worlds Reading Journey Between Worlds Sylvia Engdahl Jwdfitness.co.uk Melinda Ashley Has A Plan For Her Life, And A Trip To Mars Isn T Part Of It When She Receives A Spaceliner Ticket As A High School Graduation Gift From Her Dad, She Is Dismayed, But Reluctantly Agrees To Go With Him In Part Because She S Infuriated By Her Fiance S High Handed Declaration That She Can T Her Outlook Begins To Change When She Meets Alex Preston, A Second Generation Martian Colonist Who Is Going Home After College On Earth Alex Believes Settling Mars Is Important He S Looking Forward To The Role He Expects To Play In The Colony S Future Melinda Finds This Hard To Understand, Yet She Is And Drawn To Him And, While On Mars, To His Family Torn Between What She Has Always Wanted And Upsetting New Feelings, She Wonders If She Can Ever Again Be Content It Takes Tragedy And A Terrifying Experience To Make Her Aware Of What Really Matters To Her.Although This Novel Is Set On Mars, It S Not About Technology Or Exotic Adventure It S Mainly A Story About Human Aspirations And Human Love, And Is Usually Enjoyed By Readers Who Like Romance Than By Avid Science Fiction Fans In The 2015 Ebook Edition There Has Been Some Minor Updating Of Wording Involving Mobile Devices, Beyond The Significant Revision Done In The 2006 Hardcover Edition.

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    The original hardcover edition of this book was published by Atheneum in 1970 An updated hardcover edition was published by Putnam in 2006, and was reprinted in paperback by Firebird in 2007 Some of the reviews here commenting on outdated technology and or old fashioned attitudes of the heroine evidently refer to the 1970 edition, which is still in some libraries and used book stores Please read only the later editions There were two or three ebook editions issued by Firebird Penguin in 2007 with the same text as the paperback These are no longer available since Penguin no longer has the rights New Kindle and epub editions with a different cover were published by me in October 2015 These new ebook edition...

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    I got a copy of the 2006 hardcover edition with an absolutely crazy sauce, cartoony cover that I adore It s worth the cost of the book alone It does not represent the book s contents though which are far classic.In her Afterward to this edition, the author notes she was surprised that aside from a few scientific updates the biggest changes that she had to edit for when updating her 1970 original for this edition were the consequences of late 20th century feminism As she puts it, modern women s outlook toward marriage and toward careershave changed than my views of space have Despite her updates, the book s relationships feel slightly old fashioned The heroine unthinkingly lets her boyfriend push her around, her career dream is to be a teacher and the only other teacher we meet is also female, plus it s assumed that a man doing business in a foreign place must need a wife, or wife substitute, to serve as a hostess at his side That said, I shudder to think what the 1970 version must have had going onand am somewhat fascinated to realize that those 1970s edition atti...

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    Reviewed by Lynn Crow for TeensReadToo.comMelinda doesn t want to go to Mars Why leave Earth when everything humans are meant to enjoy is there But when her father, whom she s only seen sporadically over the last ten years, asks her to join him on a business trip to one of the Mars colonies after she graduates from high school, she can t bring herself to refuse him Little does she know her months on Mars will change the way she thinks about life, love, and humanity With JOURNEY BETWEEN WORLDS, Sylvia Louise Engdahl has written a science fiction story that will appeal to a variety of teens Melinda faces many of the same problems today s young adults do, only in an otherworldly location The first person narrative puts readers right inside Melinda s head and allows them to see through her eyes Her struggle to overcome her fear of change and to examine her feelings and beliefs honestly should resonate with anyone uncertain of exactly who they are and want to be The story, of course, is not only about Melinda, but also Mars The descriptions of Mars and its colonies are fascinating in their detail and realism, providing an exciting setting for Melinda s personal conflicts The colonists, with th...

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    It was really good I find myself reading it over and over on some days It just needs aliens.

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    This is a difficult one to rate I can t say I particularly enjoyed it, but it s hard to separate my opinions from the fact that this was written FIFTY YEARS ago And while spaceship space colonization roma...

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    A very good story of a young lady coming to terms with what she thinks she wants to stay on Earth to what she eventually really wants to continue living on Mars There was a very nice element of romance too

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    This is my least favorite of Sylvia Engdahl s books The outcome is foreshadowed so much that there is no suspense about how it will turn out The main characters are tw0 dimensional I liked some of the others Paul, Kathy, Alicia better than Melinda and Alex.

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    Not bad, not amazing Worth reading The character development was good.

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    Dated, and a bit dry so unlike Enchantress from the Stars, which is rich and timeless And Alex borders on emotionally abusive, honestly.

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    Roman Antonio s review This novel will appeal to a variety of teens The novel is a first person narrative which puts reader s right into the thoughts and ambitions of Melinda Ashley, a recent high school graduate who thinks she knows what she wants in life Melinda receives a roundtrip ticket to Mars from her father but there s one catch, she doesn t want to go Melinda says all she wants is to become a teacher and marry her boyfriend Ross, but after an argument ensues with Ross, Melinda decides to set aside all her insecurities about life elsewhere and sets off for Mars, a world she knows nothing about Through her travels to Mars she encounters new surroundings and people Melinda realizes that what she thought she wanted in life was apparently dictated by the influences of other and through this journey she is discovering about herself and turns that fear of uncertainty that was once inside of her and realize that there is to life than what she has always thought Mars has brought out the honesty in Melinda and from that she knows who she is and why I enjoyed this sci fi novel because it wasn t all about action and technology Even though space travel and other areas of sci fi literature do exists throughout the story, it was of romantic novel which touched upon many issues that young adults go through The novel touched upon the ideal of self doubt, rediscovering self...

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