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Conversations with the Goddess Read Conversations With The Goddess Mark Amaru Pinkham Ls17.eu Return Of The Serpents Of Wisdom Author Pinkham Tells Us That The Goddess Is Returning Pinkham Gives Us An Alternative History Of Lucifer, The Ancient King Of The World, And The Matriarchal Tradition He Founded Thousands Of Years Age The Name Lucifer Means Light Bringer And He Is The Same As The Greek God Prometheus, And Is Different From Satan, Who Was Based On The Egyptian God Set Find Out How The Branches Of The Matriarchy The Secret Societies And Mystery Schools Were Formed, And How They Have Been Receiving Assistance From The Brotherhoods On Sirius And Venus To Evolve The World And Overthrow The Patriarchy Learn About The Revival Of The Goddess Tradition In He New Age And Why The Goddess Wants Us All To Reunite With Her Now An Unusual Book From An Unusual Writer.

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