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    Liz s poetry is intellectually stimulating but not hard to understand She has an obsession with science that comes with being the daughter of the prominent geologist Robert Hazen, recently the focus of an episode of PBS s Nova called Life s Rocky Start In poems like While our father was hunting rocks and Trilobites she remembers her childhood experiences among bones and stones and fossils Metaphors from other branches of science physics, chemistry, biology run through the other poems, and of course give the book its title The twist is that these theories and ideas about the natural world are applied to the mysteries of our emotions and relationships The elegant cool of science meets the sensuality and vulnerability of this speaker, whom we see as a girl and a woman, nursing a baby, mourning a breakup, giving in to desire And some of the poems are not theoretical at all, diving stra...

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    She s a dope poet.

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Chaos Theories Reading Chaos Theories Elizabeth Hazen The Poems In Elizabeth Hazen S Debut Collection, Chaos Theories, Spring From A Unique Collusion Of Science And Art In One Poet S Heart And Mind In These Often Elegiac Poems, Hazen Explores Many Forms Of Love Between Children, Parents, Siblings, Friends, And Lovers In Powerful Poetic Language And Structure, Loss Is Explored, And Survival Becomes Another Form Of Understanding, A Way Of Seeing Ourselves And Others Not As Guilty Or Innocent, Good Or Bad, But As Complex, Sometimes Thwarted Beings Who Are Always Striving For Wisdom, Empathy, Light Hazen S Language Is Elegant, Her Point Of View Unflinching, Her Voice Mature And Warm Science In These Poems Is Both Information And Consolation, A Way Of Untangling Chaos, Of Seeing Clearly And Cleanly Hazen Is A Poet Who Understands That We Are All Searching In Various Ways To Make Order Of Our Lives And Loves, And Who Crafts Poems That Can Aid Us In That Search.