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    A gorgeous collection of poems told from a variety of inventive perspectives, whether that of artists creating new works or of a scientist contemplating the puzzles of our solar system All reflect our lot as humans attempting to make sense of life s mysteries.

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    Rebecca Morgan Frank s poetry always bespeaks a deep curiosity about the world, a voracious hunger to observe, and a lyrical eye and reading this collection, it really feels like she s hit her stride I d read some of these poems in literary...

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    I tried to find my way into this body of work that finds itself wandering about in a kind of museum of arty facts and fictions and too much caught up, it seemed to me, in It s the critic s job, you suck your lip and sayBut for so many of the poems having had the feel of being in that museum with an overzealous critic wanting to make me see what she sees, I might have tried to read the line as ironic But, no, I found myself in the feet of that child from There s No Ornament Like a Menagerie who is the one who actually runs away, leaves a note I m tired of looking, seeing, watching, witnessing, noticing, peering, and all that I think I could have loved The Perfumier on the Comeback of the Scented Glove if a Pound like editor had cut out most of the interior and left it at Art...

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The Spokes of Venus PDF The Spokes Of Venus Author Rebecca Morgan Frank Easyfaroairporttransfers.co.uk Magicians, Wig Makers, Sculptors, Perfumers, Choreographers, And Composers All Help Conjure The Worlds Of Frank S Second Collection, The Spokes Of Venus These Poems Offer A Landscape Shaped By The Tensions Between The Act Of Making And The Art Of Observing If Music And Art Are The Sisters Of Poetry, This Collection Is A Chorus A Glorious One Of Siblings Arguing And Singing.