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Digital Weaves Coloring Therapy Might Be A New Buzz Word But The Idea Of Coloring To Reduce Stress Isn T Carl Jung, The Famous Psychiatrist Had Patients Color In Pictures 100 Years Ago Various Forms Of Decorative Knot Work Have Been Used For Centuries From The Intricate Cording Of The Chinese To The Illuminated Manuscripts Of The Celts To The Wildly Imaginative Carvings Of The Norse, These Patterns Of Lines Have Provided An Endless Source Of Fascination Digital Weaves Combines These Two Ideas Into One Book That Soothes The Mind It Uses The Newest Digital Technology To Create Stunningly Complicated Artwork Inspired By The Knots Of Old Ease Away Your Stress And Tension As You Indulge Your Inner Artist.

About the Author: Mark Neumayer

Mark Neumayer has been soaking up books on mythology almost as long as he has been reading And that s despite the best efforts of the elementary school librarian to get him to read Dr Seuss with the other kids Mark wrote prolifically back in high school and even edited the school paper Afterwards, however, he drifted into the world of TV graphics He still wrote the occasional commercial, bu

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