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The Complete Poetry and Prose of Geoffrey Chaucer The Complete Poetry And Prose Of Geoffrey Chaucer Is Intended To Make Chaucer S Texts Accessible With A Minimum Of Scholary Interference The Critical, Biographical, And Linguistic Essays Are Grouped At The End So As Not To Impede The Approach To The Text By Doing So, The Student Is Able To Enjoy The Richness And Humor Of The Canterbury Tales As Well As The Beauty Of Troylus And Criseyde This Collection Will Create A Deeper Appreciation For Chaucer And His Genius.

10 thoughts on “The Complete Poetry and Prose of Geoffrey Chaucer

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    I read this so long ago I feel like I should put it in the to read shelf, but I remember loving it when I read it, and I remember thinking the music of Chaucer s verse is something I should learn from Eventually I will read it again.

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    Chaucer the Godfather Really.

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    This is some great writing poetic and beautiful in every wayassuming you can read middle englishbig assumption, but if you have any kind of quick translation device cliff s notes will do i recommend it

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    I m not really arrogant enough to critique Chaucer I ll merely say that I keep reading and re reading him.

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