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    Reviewed by Dianna Geers for TeensReadToo.comIn MIA THE MEEK, Mia is determined to no longer be known as meek Especially when she is about to begin high school High school is her new chance to shed her old meek self and to blossom as someone outgoing Someone fun Someone not meek Readers are aware of the fact that Mia has the potential for non meekness She can certainly show snippy behavior towards her mother and her little brother You re not really going to wear that, are you and If your brain was chocolate, it wouldn t fill an MM are a few or Mia s not so meek comments that make you wonder why she has such a problem standing up for herself with anyone outside of her family Perhaps her snippiness at home is a result of the verbal abuse she takes at school Cassie and her friends are not afraid to tell her she is so ugly she d make blind kids cry, and seem to love to let Mia know when she has done anything not meeting their approval In spite of the way they treat her, Mia still trusts enough to share some of her deepest secrets with people who use them against her She fails to recognize that when Cassie asks her if she s wearing make up that she should ignore them ...

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    I have to admit that when I first saw the cover of this one, as well as the other two, I was extremely hesitant to give the Mia series a go, since to me the cover screams low end middle grade Though, after much thought I decided to take the whole Mia series with me on vacation, and boy, oh boy, did I love them all, especially this one Mia has finally decided that this year is the year she ll drop the name given to her in elementary school Mia the Meek so soon she makes it her purpose to be out going through several tasks, such as running for class president, talking to her long time crush, as well as countless other endeavors Though, will they pay off Only time and pages will tell Mia is a character I adored right of the bat She was smart, savvy, and just an overly hilarious character to read about I, as I m sure countless others, could relate to her shyness, since believe it or not, when I was young I was incredibly shy, though over the years, like Mia, I have made it my purpose to become out going Also, I loved her friendship with Lisa, the intellect of her grade whose scientific talk often provided for laugh out loud moments just because of how far off it seemed, as well as her rivalry with her brother Cris, which also provided funny moments, and her romance with Tim, the bo...

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    Mia the Meek, the first in the Mia series, was a fun and light read It did make me glad that my high school years have ended Such drama I feel that that even though The Mia Fullerton Series is about Mia s high school career the books are really geared to a 12 13 year old girl age group The books are simple and would appeal to those young girls who are dreami...

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    Good book about learning to be comfortable with who you are.

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    well it very interesting and funny I could feel how she felt and I can t wait the other 2 books

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    Loved this book Great characters LOL all the way through.

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    Loved this book I read it with my Goddaughter and she enjoyed it so much, she read it in one night

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    Boggess combines humor, a great story line, and a super female protagonist to give us a glimpse into Mia s life It will leave you laughing while still having heart You ll enjoy this one

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    Hilarious story about a freshman in high school who has decided that she wants to change her image But nothing goes quite like she planned So funny.

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Mia the Meek (Mia Fullerton) Read Mia The Meek Mia Fullerton Author Eileen Boggess Jackkellyfilm.co.uk After One Summer At The Little Tykes Theatre, Mia Fullerton Is Meek No , But That Doesn T Make Her Life Any Easier Not In Her Sopho Year At St Hilary S, When Her Best Friend Lisa Forces Her Into A Dangerously Big Part In The Music Man Not When Her Ex Boyfriend, Tim, Is Teaching His Little Brother Chris To Treat Women Like Objects.And Not When She Learns To Drive With Serious Repercussions.Who Is Mia Is She An Independent Girl Like Zoe, Her Acerbic Goth Friend From Little Tykes Or Is She The Girl Who Misses Tim, Even After The Way He Betrayed Her Can Mia Forgive Tim Should She Instead Choose Eric, Zoe S Cousin, A Nicer And Respectful Choice In Every Way Or Would Either Choice Defeat Her Goals Of Independence Between Dog Costumes And Stage Costumes, Big Embarrassments And Bigger Chickens, And Everything Else That Could Possibly Go Wrong, Mia The Magnificent Is A Hilarious, Clever, And Endlessly Fun Novel, And The Best Installment Yet Of The Mia Fullerton Series.