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Love Stoned Reading Love Stoned Author Mya Lairis Chardonneret.eu When Farhad Discovers The Bodyguard Known As Bulletproof, He Recognizes Devron For Exactly What He Is An Immature Gargoyle Unable To Bring Such A Youth Into The Fold Without His Full Height, Power, And Armaments, Farhad Guides The Whelp Into The Scylla, An Organization Of Supernaturals Charged With Protecting Earth Praying That Devron Will Grow Stronger With Every Day, Farhad Can Only Hope That Devron Becomes Strong Enough To Endure What Is To Come Devron Understands Little Of What And Who He Is He Is Dependent On Farhad S Guidance, But When It Comes So Sparsely, He Suspects That There May Be A Grave Reason Behind The Elder S Avoidance With The Sparks Of Attraction Igniting Every Time They Meet, Devron Knows That Farhad Is Far Than A Tutor How Much May Be Than Both Of Them Can Handle

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    If you ve read this author s work before, you know she s going to bring her paranormal A game Her characters are complex and her worlds are vividly rich She takes her time crafting her story and building her relationship brick by brick This is not the author to read if you re looking for wham, bam, thank you sir there are always external elements involved and you have to be a bit patient.Devron yummm and Farhad yummmaayyy are gargoyles, though Devron is an orphan and a baby doesn t have his tails or wings yet and just thinks he is a 6 9 mutant with special powers This makes for a hilarious first encounter Farhad explains that he is a gargoyle and entrusts him to a special team for training For Devron, the attraction to Farhad is immediate For Farhad, it has been a long time coming as he has been following Devron for years and monitoring him from afar Devron is a baby at 6 9 and 38yrs of age, while Farhad is 1038 and 12 tall Talk about robbing the cradle Devron wants to stay with Farhad and live among the gargoyles as opposed to the team, but Farhad insists he is not ready, and would be tested in battle and ultimately killed The first part of the book is pretty much Devron s training and missions with the team of supernaturals, with sporadic visits from Farhad Farhad is trying to be the adult about things and not give in to his desires Even interesting is that Farhad is a mega bad ass, both feared and revered by everyone in the facility for his fighting ability...

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    The world Mya Lairis has created in Love Stoned is simply amazing It comes with a complete history, a set of fascinating preternatural characters, and a plot full of mystery, suspense, and a resolution I did not at all expect which makes it just about perfect in my book Honestly The blurb had me at gargoyle since I am fascinated with them In our reality, gargoyles are creatures of legend first mentioned in the 7th century AD much like dragons and other supernatural beings, and today they are stone figures mostly on old churches In Love Stoned , they are physically enormous individuals, almost indestructible and close to immortal, with a metabolism that relies on various types of stone for sustenance They live in a different dimension, have tasked themselves with protecting the much younger human race from all kinds of evils in the universe, and have an all male society that breathes survival of the strongest to the extreme Absolutely fascinating The story is told mostly from Devron s point of view, which works well because he doesn t even know he is a gargoyle until Farhad, a power...

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    I really enjoyed Love Stoned what a story She had me at gargoyles Very cool world building and an interesting take on gargoyles, their lore and their role in an immersive world of exotically outfitted albeit familiar paranormals I ve never read beautiful descriptions of the varying shades of dark skin, or the myriad ways the lovers each craved of the other despite their initial physical differences, and Farhad s hang ups about dealings with the whelp.Speaking of whichthe chemistry between Devron and Farhad was intense, and palpable Despite Farhad s knowledge of the true nature of their bond, Dev seemed to already know it bone deep, and he began to act on it despite his own ignoranc...

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    4.5As usual Maya crafts a beautiful world and a great story I stayed up well into the morning to finish this one Such enjoyable characters I don t normally like miss understandings and secrets just for the sake of it but it truly worked for this story Everything deliberate and perfectly done.

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    this was ok. i enjoyd it

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    This was a strange book for me personally The blurb completely drew me in, yet when I first started reading the book, I just couldn t seem to get into it So I d stop reading it for a few days and then read another chapter or two, and then quit again.But at some point about a quarter of the way through it, I was drawn completely into the story and just couldn t stop reading it because I had to find out what was going on with Devron and Farhad Once I hit that point, the story really progressed and I just kept reading until next thing I knew, the book was over And I really didn t want it to be.Devron s character was really confusing for me, and it was really hard for me to connect with him At times he seemed very cocky and self assured, but at other times it was like he was a super sweet guy who only wanted the best for Farhad And with that, Farhad s character was just amazing It was so easy to connect with him, and even though you could tell that he was hiding things, you had a feeling it was for a good reason.I do have to say that there were some time jumps that happened from chapter to chapter, but I have to give Lairis complete props for the fact that they did make it very obvious within the first few paragraphs how much time had passed, and ...

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    I adored this book Hot alpha males, so much sex and violence I loved Farhad and Devron Well done.Here is my official reviewSometimes when you wade through the millions of books on or any other retailer, you find a diamond in the rough That is exactly what I found in Mya s book, Love Stoned Though lengthy, this book doesn t have too many slow points The characters are fleshed out completely, especially Farhad who I immediately felt for No question, I had it for Devron too, but when I read a book, I find the character I connect with most and in this one, that was Farhad I haven t read many gargoyle stories, but of the few I ve read this was absolutely the best It was a page turner and I couldn t wait to see what happened between them as I read the whole book Without spoiling anything, these two drove me nuts They had an attraction to one another from the beginning I found myself saying, please just make love already, but that would ve been too easy Obviously ...

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    A great gargoyle book.

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    Awesome bookFrom start to finish this book delivers Contemporary paranormal action, with sex and love and insecurities Well writing that you done want to put down

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