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The Poem Factory THE POEM FACTORY Is Where You End Up When The World No Longer Wants You These Are Poems Set In The Corners Of America Seldom Mentioned In Poetry Waitresses And Strippers, Truck Drivers And Store Managers, Outsider Poets And Welders Fill The Pages With Their Lyrical Insights, Their Midnight Desires, Their Miseries And Their Hope Here Are The Good Times Against The Bad Times In The Poem Factory, Frank O Hara Is The World S Laziest Mover And Walt Whitman Is A Guiding Light Wal Mart Looms And The Student Loan People Want Their Money Back Temp Work Is A Career Choice Getting Your Teeth Cleaned Is A Luxury Written In The Spirit Of World Poets Like Nicanor Parra And Nazim Hikmet, Coupled With Pure American Grit, Newman S Poems Start Where Most Poems Stop He Tells Truths We Re All Embarrassed To Know.

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    Dave Newman is one of those writers whom i read for pleasure as well as if i were a student that is to say Newman is one of the few poets i read with pen paper nearby b c what he writes how he writes tends to influence me and spark ideas that i need to get them down The Poem Factory is no exception to that rule Poems primarily written about the working life, the false promise of education, and trying to make some kind of dream happen for yourself while your...

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    Blasted through this in a couple of hours last night What a book Newman writes about low wage work and bars and drunks and strippers and other people on the ropes with incredible heart and humor He s capable of being profound and melancholy and serious in the same line He s the best place poet we have His Pittsburgh is the whole world Some of these wonderful poems stretch on for pages but are insanely quick reads and some are very short, like personal favorite Johnstown, Pennsylvania, The chief of police tasered his son at Thanksgiving dinner The ghosts of Brautigan, Bukowski, and Li Po haunt Newman s writing, and he is their heir, the poet writing about an America where your last ten bucks must go to the bar, where people are unemployed and considering knocking off convenience stores or dealing drugs or just out hustling, where people with two degrees can t even g...

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    Another scuff knuckled, blue collar poetic treatise from Newman These poems come from hard years and limited choices, and the stripped down, naked lines are diamond hard and haunting This is a world of closing factories, shit jobs, of doing what it takes to make ends mee...

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    It s been a while since I ve dipped my toes into poetry, but I m glad I started again with this collection Favorite poems Hello Mennonites and Hello Piano.

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    I loved this collection of poems I m a bit hesitant to write a review for fear of not doing the poems and the author justice These poems are sometimes gritty, sometimes funny, sometimes drunk, sometimes heart wrenching, sometimes blue collar, and alw...

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    some great poems

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