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    This is a coming out story that gives the readers a sympathetic, believable, young MC and also a sideways view into the mind of the antagonist As the book opens, 16 year old Shane has never told his career military dad that he s gay, or that he s dating a boy, or anything personal about his life that doesn t fit with his father s plans for sons to follow in his footsteps Shane and his older brother have been raised by his dad as a single parent, and Shane doesn t ever want to lose family approval or risk their love But when his hard won secret life with school friends and boyfriend is about to be gone a hundred miles away with his dad s new posting, he has to make some hard choices Shane is caught between losing the relationship he has with his father, or abandoning the ones that keep him sane as an out gay boy with his group of friends There are no easy answers The author gives us some nicely judged hints at what is going on with Shane s dad his thoughts no...

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    4.25 starsAnother enjoyable YA coming of age story from Mr Metzger Shane is in an impossible situation After his mother abandoned them when he was a child, he s bounced around from place to place with his military father and brother for years until finally finding a real home a couple of years earlier He s got new friends who get him and who know the real Shane And he s got his lovely but secret boyfriend Luke Moving away from his new friends and boyfriend would mean he has to go back into his box and he can t do that any He just can t go back to a place where he has to hide himself On the other hand, he can t lose the only family he has left and he s pretty sure his dad and brother won t accept him once they learn the truth about him I thought the author did a fantastic job of really making me feel how impossible this situatio...

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    2016 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention Private by Matthew J Metzger1 A strong well developed story As someone with teenage children I could recognise their emotions and frustrations, and understand the family dynamics.2 Having been a military brat way back in the day it was easy for me to understand some of the th...

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    Fantastic YA read highly recommended

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    3.5 stars I enjoyed this YA novel.

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    4.5 stars

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    can not WAIT to read this

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Private PDF Epub Private Author Matthew J Metzger Polishdarling.co.uk Sixteen Year Old Shane Has Finally Settled Into Life In The Country, With University Ambitions, A Steady Relationship, And A Grudging Tolerance For Dance That Is Entirely The Fault Of His Boyfriend, Luke.Then Shane S Father Gets His Marching Orders, And Shane S Time In This New Life Is Put On A Countdown At Sixteen, Shane Could Legally Leave But Has Nowhere To Go And Leaving The First Real Home He S Had In Nearly Twelve Years Doesn T Feel Any Better Whether It S For The Wilds Of Cornwall Or The Local Housing Association.But In Order To Stay, Shane Is Going To Have Tell His Very Conservative, Very Military Family His Biggest Secrets All Three Of Them.