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    I read this book donkey years ago and have never forgotten it I would really like to read it again if I could get hold of a copy of the book.The Runner Stumbles is about the trial of a priest accused of murdering a nun from his parish in a small mining town It is a story about crime and punishment, sin and guilt On a deeper level, it is an exploration of the pressure of a religious calling It brings the read...

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    I read this play in high school It was both shocking and engrossing In the play, a priest falls in love with a nun in a small Michigan town This is kept as their secret once finally confessedbut someone else knows Someone who takes it as a religious duty to stamp out this sinor is it in response to jealousy In the play, there is a direct confrontation presented between the nun and her murderer.In the True Crime novel about the same incident, Isadore s Secret by Mardi Jo Link, the incidents a...

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The Runner Stumbles. Read The Runner Stumbles Milan Stitt Pembspm.co.uk A Young Nun Has Died Under Mysterious Circumstances In A Remote Parish In Northern Michigan, And Her Superior, Father Rivard, Has Been Charged With Her Murder The Action Alternates Between Interrogations, Testimony And Scenes From The Past Which Reveal That Father Rivard, Who Had Been Banished To The Small, Up Country Parish, Fell In Love With Sister Rita And When Circumstances Forced Her To Move Into The Rectory With Him, His Anguish Became Unbearable Their Relationship, Inevitably, Spelt Tragedy, But Not Until The Explosive And Surprising Climax Of The Play Is The Full Extent Of Their Sacrifice Made Clear And The Identity Of The Murderer Revealed.