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The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish The Day I Swapped My Dad For Two Goldfish Kindle Epub Author Neil Gaiman When A Boy Swaps His Dad For Two Goldfish He Does Not Really Think Through The Consequences After All, He Is Not The Only Person Who Can Swap Stuff When The Boy Is Told By His Mother That He Has To Get His Father Back It Is Not So Easily Done It Seems That The Father Has A Pretty High Value.

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    The narration by Neil Gaiman himself is fantastic

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    This offbeat story is subversively funny I really enjoyed it The newspaper reading dad and the little sister provided a lot of amusement, and the premise was really funny The illustrations are unique and absolutely brilliant I docked half a star because of a fat joke I could have done without, but otherwise thought thi...

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    I bought this a few years back, hoping that one day I could share Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean work with my nephew Apparently my sister also had the same idea and already bought her son one.As thumbed through the pages, I couldn t help by enjoy McKean s a...

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    This is a very crazy read kind of like Alice s Adventures in Wonderland, but simpler and madder in a this is from a child s perspective kind of way The title says it all actually, when a boy seeks for something to trade for his friend Nathan s two goldfish Nathan rejects everything that the boy offers until the latter sets his eyes upon his dad Nathan agrees, and the fun begins.At first I m not sure if I like this or not, because it s absurd and that s saying something because I m all for the oddball stuff I m no stranger to Gaiman s works, even the other books he penned for children Coraline and The Graveyard Book I think this is his first work where he actually explores the natural weirdness of a kid s thoughts I don t know how he does this, but it s like he wormed his way into a kid s brain and sat there, jotting down all the ideas that float past him until ...

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    I bought this on a whim while browsing at a comic shop three or four years ago The art is great although the color tones are not my personal favorite the story is just all right The portrait of the big brother and his kid sister is fantastic kinds of real, but I guess I also expected the swapping thing to be really funny, and it was meh.I had no idea until looking...

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    This was adorable And funny I would recommend this for children of all ages.

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    The title says it all Review to come.Audiobook CommentsOkay, I can t be the only one who thinks it s absolutely hilarious that this 40 page picture book has an audiobook Because it does And it s read by Neil Gaiman who is a superb reader, by the way.Blog Instagram Twitter

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    I could be a rock and roll star I said to my sister You could be an idiot My sister said to me My nose hurts from snorting so many times This story is just so silly and I giggled the whole way through It also reminded me a lot of my older brother and I Especially the ending

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    Neil Gaiman n garip fikirlerini ok seviyorum Tamam yani 20 dakikada bitmi olabilir, k k bir kitap olabilir ama onu okumaya kar olan zlemimi giderdi Seviyoruz seni Gaiman.

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    Highly entertaining