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    His idea of using language to trace immigration throughout human history is a captivating debate However it s part of the Routledge series, which means it s as cookie cutter as Sara Lee If you really want to know about world history don t read Routledge series books Read other Patrick Manning books.

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    Manning s book acts primarily as a very brief introduction to the history of migration, but in doing so it offers a valuable perspective on the issue His longue duree approach and macro level exploration of migration really exposes the broader themes and issues that set migration apart as a key element of human history, however it does only scrape the surface of some very important issues He makes it clea...

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    I read this as part of a historiography paper requirement for a graduate history class Manning s delivery of migration history in this rather compact compendium is impressive He explains the relevance of migration in world history to the student and presents important multi disciplinary evidence useful to scholars as well Manning discussion of migration through the ages helps inform and frame contemporary discussion and debate on migration an...

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Migration in World History (Themes in World History) Ebook Migration In World History Themes In World History By Patrick Manning Bandcamptomp3.co.uk This Fascinating Study Traces The Connections Among Regions Brought About By The Movement Of People, Diseases, Crops, Technology And Ideas.Drawing On Examples From A Wide Range Of Geographical Regions And Thematic Areas, Manning Covers Earliest Human Migrations, Including The Earliest Hominids, Their Development And Spread, And The Controversy Surrounding The Rise Of Homo Sapiens The Rise And Spread Of Major Language Groups Examination Of Civilizations, Farmers And Pastoralists From 3000 BCE To 500 CE Trade Patterns Including The Early Silk Road And Maritime Trade In The Mediterranean And Indian Ocean The Effect Of Migration On Empire And Industry Between 1700 And 1900 The Resurgence Of Migration In The Later Twentieth Century, Including Movement To Cities, Refugees And Diasporas.