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The Courage of Our Convictions: A Manifesto for Democrats A Rallying Cry For Democrats Who Dream About Governing And Are Eager To Get Their Party Back On Track CBS NewsIn This Powerful And Provocative Manifesto, Former Senator Gary Hart Offers A Call To Action For Democrats To Embrace Moral Principles And Progressive Leadership And Not To Fall Back Into A Pattern Of Caution And Calculation He Urges A Return To The Principles Bequeathed To The Party By Its Great Twentieth Century Presidents Franklin D Roosevelt S Commitment To A Single National Community Harry S Truman S Security Through Internationalism John F Kennedy S Ideal Of Civic Duty And Service To The Nation And Lyndon B Johnson S Insistence On Equality For All Citizens With The Democrats Now In Control Of Congress, Hart Speaks Directly And Passionately To Those Who Seek To Transform This Political Opportunity Into A Robust Progressive Program As The Presidential Election Approaches, It Is The Wake Up Call So Many Americans Have Been Waiting For

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    Even as it is focused on the then coming 2008 election cycle Gary Hart shows himself to be an invaluable voice for Democrats progressive future How to win elections and do so by being clear our progressive values.

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    Gary Hart is my kind of old school liberal Democrat And yet, while I agree in principal with many of the things he says here, in practice he s preaching to the choir and I ve heard the sermon given better in other places.

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    Great call to action, great case for what s wrong with the Democratic party and how to fix it.

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