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The Courage of Our Convictions: A Manifesto for Democrats A Rallying Cry For Democrats Who Dream About Governing And Are Eager To Get Their Party Back On Track CBS NewsIn This Powerful And Provocative Manifesto, Former Senator Gary Hart Offers A Call To Action For Democrats To Embrace Moral Principles And Progressive Leadership And Not To Fall Back Into A Pattern Of Caution And Calculation He Urges A Return To The Principles Bequeathed To The Party By Its Great Twentieth Century Presidents Franklin D Roosevelt S Commitment To A Single National Community Harry S Truman S Security Through Internationalism John F Kennedy S Ideal Of Civic Duty And Service To The Nation And Lyndon B Johnson S Insistence On Equality For All Citizens With The Democrats Now In Control Of Congress, Hart Speaks Directly And Passionately To Those Who Seek To Transform This Political Opportunity Into A Robust Progressive Program As The 2008 Presidential Election Approaches, It Is The Wake Up Call So Many Americans Have Been Waiting For.

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    Gary Hart is my kind of old school liberal Democrat And yet, while I agree in principal with many of the things he says here, in practice he s preaching to the choir and I ve heard the sermon given better in other places.

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    Great call to action, great case for what s wrong with the Democratic party and how to fix it.

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