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    Some time after the events of the movie, Arthur dies Only to wake up and find out that the last ten years of his life were a dream He s 19 years old and a part of a dream sharing experiment for the military He doesn t know if everyone he knows Mal, Dom, AriadneEAMES were real people sharing his dream or just projections, but he s determined to find them Eames.I loved this fic I really enjoy the canon fics in this fandom but there doesn t seem to be as many to...

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    Loved this one Would love a companion fic from Eames POV.

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    I enjoyed this free read, but it ended too soon It seemed to be a first installment If it had continued I would have given it another star.The concept was intriguing Arthur s conflict between his young real self and his older dream ...

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In Our Line of Work BOOKS In Our Line Of Work Author Enjambament Bandcamptomp3.co.uk Inception FanficArthur Wakes Up And Realizes The Last Ten Years Of His Life Have Been A Dream He Is Nineteen, And He Can Barely Remember Where He Is What He Can Remember Is The Ghost Of Eames Hands Pressed Down On His Chest Trying Frantically To Stop The Blood Flooding Up Around His Fingers As Arthur Died As He Woke Up.Words 15,713 Complete