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  • Broke Str8 Boyz
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  • 11 August 2018

10 thoughts on “Broke Str8 Boyz

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    Filthy, filthy, filthy Virginal Stiles agrees to do a porn for cash Peter s the director If that s not bad enough, his new found enemy Theo turns out to be his scene partner In the disgustingly capable hands of Taylorpotato, this ended up being even juicier tha...

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    I m not going to point fingers or make any assumptions but I think someone likes a Sean Cody video I am just saying.There is a couch and a creepish director who makes lots of suggestions during filming.However, if the directors look like Peter that sheds a whole new light on the deal I wouldn t be opposed to some behind the scenes vids, in that case I always imagine them as baldy and paunchy and oily Not a good combo.Stiles, whose porn name is Dylan, is hard up for some extra cash, supposedly I think he s just tired of dildos he needzzzzzzz Now losing one s V card on camera is a somewhat peculiar decision to be sure, though stranger things have happened What he hadn t expected was for his scene partner to be the nihilistic doucheknuckle from his philosophy class, Theo, whose porn name is Cody I wonder if Peter s porn name is Ian The hate fucking is sublime Theo egging on Stiles was probably my favorite part Stiles oral fixation comes in handy and is sure to send him...

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    I m a total convert to Steo adding Steter to the mix makes it that much better.

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    Now that was just what I was in the mood for A nice bit of smut Oh so dirty smut.

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    Steteo Steo and Steter and the kind of filth that tpotato is unabashedly good at No need to have watched the show for this or know who Theo is or I guess for that matter any of the characters are This is PWP with an edgy dynamic between the three combative banter and tension between Stiles and Theo, while Peter is directing them but don t worry, he is never one to stay on the sidelines Kinky with enough tension bubbling between the players to be filthy without being vulgar And I ap...

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    Seems I am on a taylorpotato binge fans self phew.Shrugs Cool.

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    Yummy, delicious, wonderful porn Literally Yes please.

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    I am fully committed to the taylorpotato train and I don t want to get off

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    Deserves 5 stars just for the hotness

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Broke Str8 Boyz Read Broke Str8 Boyz Author Taylorpotato Ls17.eu Teen Wolf TV Theo Raeken Stiles Stilinski, Peter Hale Stiles Stilinski, Peter Hale Theo Raeken, Peter Hale Theo Raeken Stiles StilinskiGetting Paid To Have Sex On On Camera Sounds Like A Great Idea, Until Stiles Realizes That His Scene Partner Is The Asshole He Argues With Every Week In Philosophy Seminar Add In Sleazy Porn Director Peter Hale, A Lot Of Angry Sex, And So Much Jizz It S A Wild Ride For Everyone Involved.6546 Words Complete

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fake geek boy actual trash jesus everything i touch turns gross.as of right now i m only adding friends that i know in the meatspace i am sorry i am 900% worse at communicating than you would expect i don t even reply to texts from my own mother.i m also just reviewing things i like, because bad reviews make people sad and i am a squishy marshmallow.