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Divine Significance of Church Slavonic Letters In Divine Significance Of Church Slavonic Letters, Dmitrieva Micallef Reveals And Conveys The Meaning And Outlook Of Each Letter In The Church Slavonic Alphabet, With Their Inherent Divine Wisdom And Cognitive Educative Functions Church Slavonic Is The Proto Slav Language Of Saints Cyril And Methodius, That Significantly Influenced Russian Language, Literature, And Culture It Is Also The Old Liturgical Language Of The Orthodox Church Dmitrieva Micallef Explores The Origin And Intersection Of Russian And Other Slavonic Languages, Expertly Showing How Sociocultural Values In Both Russia And Orthodoxy Were Formed Through Church Slavonic Similarities And Differences Between The Church Slavonic And Russian Languages Are Clarified Readers Are Introduced To Church Slavonic As A Way Of Communicating With God, Since The Alphabet Itself, Combined Together, Results In A Homily, With The Divine Wisdom Found Therein Providing The Word Of God For A Deep Spiritual Journey.

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