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Perfect Likeness Download Perfect Likeness J.M Phillippe Perfection Can Haunt You Quick Witted 24 Year Old Office Worker Allyson Smart Is The Perfect Woman In Her Dreams In Real Life, Ally Has To Deal With The Clumsiness Of Her Size 16 Body, The Good Intentions Of Her Over Achiever Best Friend, And The Condescending Attitude Of Her Too Cool Little Sister Ally Strives For The Kind Of Unachievable Perfection She Has In Her Fantasies Amazing Body, Clever Come Backs, And Passionate Romances But When The Fantasized Version Of Herself Shows Up In Her Bathroom Mirror, Calling Herself Allison With An I Because She Says It S Prettier , Ally Discovers How Cruel Perfection Can Be The Fantasy Girl Wants To Become Real, And When Perfection Walks The Streets Of Ally S Small LA Suburb Hometown, The Resulting Ripple Effect Damages The Lives Of Everyone Ally Loves In Order To Save Her Friends And Stop Her Own Descent Into A Fantasy Life No Real Person Could Survive Ally Must Find The Courage To Overcome Perfection And Accept Herself The Way She Is

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    A funny tale about depression This one is it When Ally wakes up one morning to find that her fantasy self is now talking to her from the mirror she realizes that she s in deep trouble Is it mental illness, magic, a combination of the two Ally must fight to save herself and her friends...

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    Unique and thought provoking Great characters Ally is smart and snarky Her self doubt and anxiety may have hit a little too close for comfort at the beginning I doubt I m the only one , but I really got into it when she started fighting for her life and her friends and her humor developed full st...

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    I will never look at myself in the mirror the same.

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