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Biology, Husbandry, and Medicine of the Green Iguana Download Biology, Husbandry, And Medicine Of The Green Iguana Author Justus D Doenecke Natus Physiotherapy.co.uk This Multi Authored Book Spans A Range Of Topics Relevant To Those Individuals Interested In Keeping, Breeding And Understanding Health Problems Of The Green Iguana, Iguana Iguana It Offers A Synthesis Of The Work And Experience Of Biologists, Nutritionists And Veterinarians Who Have Worked With Green Iguanas, Both In The Field And In Captivity And It Presents, In Some Cases, Previously Unreported Information On Iguana Biology And Medicine Topics Include Biology And Reproduction In The Wild, Nutrition In The Wild And In Captivity, Ontogeny Of Captive Iguanas, Husbandry, Clinical Evaluation, Diseases, Drug Dosages And Chemotherapeutics, Anaesthesia And Surgery, And Imaging.

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    Great material, but very dry reading.

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