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Coyote Settles the South PDF Epub Coyote Settles The South Author John Lane Bassgrotto.co.uk One Night, Poet And Environmental Writer John Lane Tuned In To A Sound From Behind His House That He Had Never Heard Before The Nearby Eerie And Captivating Howls Of Coyotes Since This Was Spartanburg, South Carolina, And Not Missoula, Montana, Lane Set Out To Discover All He Could About His New And Unexpected Neighbors Coyote Settles The South Is The Story Of His Journey Through The Southeast, As He Visits Coyote Territories Swamps, Nature Preserves, Old Farm Fields, Suburbs, A Tannery, And Even City Streets On His Travels He Meets, Interrogates, And Observes Those Who Interact With The Animals Trappers, Wildlife Researchers, Hunters, Rattled Pet Owners, And Even One Devoted Coyote Hugger Along The Way, He Encounters Sensible, Yet Sometimes Perplexing, Insight Concerning The Migration Into The Southeast Of The American Coyote, An Animal That, In The End, Surprises Him With Its Intelligence, Resilience, And Amazing Adaptability.

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    Very thoughtful and interesting, this book looks at the plight of the coyote in the South, but also looks at how this predator migrating to this region is effecting other animals, humans, and regional habitats While the author isn t a sc...

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    An excellent and recommended read so much to learn about our new omnivorous neighbors who are filling a gap high in the natural food chain.

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    Makes me want to see a coyote Interesting and balanced look at the southern invasion of the coyote.