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    good, many short stories gay and lesbians mostly people who are depressed in their small town or had longings for same sex sex at a very young age why didnt they do it assertiveness gets you anything

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    3.5 stars

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Small-town Gay Read Small Town Gay By Elizabeth Newman Natus Physiotherapy.co.uk This Anthology Began With A Seemingly Simple Question Are You Gay Lesbian And Currently Residing In A Small Town, Or Did You Grow Up In A Small Town GLB Writers From Across America Have Answered This Question In Essays On Their Experiences Of Small Town Life The Answers Range From Poignant To Hilarious None Of Them Are Simple Explore What Is Like To Be Just A Little Different From Your Friends And Family Small Town Gay Takes An Adult View Of The Difficulties Of Either Hiding Who You Are Or Facing The Results Of The Truth We Hope That Those Readers Who Have Themselves Journeyed Through The Joys And Perils Of Small Town Living Will Enjoy And Relate To These Stories, And They Will Share Them With Others.